June 4, 2023

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YouKandy.com ceases trading after FCP incident

Today youkandy.com announced on its official Twitter feed that its to cease trading due to lack of funds.


Official post from https://twitter.com/YouKandyCom:

FCP they refer to is First Choice Pay whos issuing bank Choice Bank Limited went into liquidation on the 10th of April last month. Clients who had money on their cards were able to use this money but any companies who had money with FCP/Choice Bank had their funds frozen.

Youkandys only payout method was First Choice Pay and no backup payout method to offer.

YouKandys website currently shows:

YouKandy has since received back lash on Twitter for their decision:

Its understood industry leaders The Dailypay Service have offered to fund payroll for the site, this comes after Adulwork blanket banned US members recently and The Dailypay Service paid out to the 3000~ US accounts with credits on them. Article here.


Update 10th May, quote from DP Service response: “Hi *****, we have offered to cover the costs of the payroll for them while they sort their funds out, then they pay us back free of charge. They havent responded to the request yet.”