January 26, 2023

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Will Typing or Talking Make Me More Money?

AmberK Asks:


So I’m really new to this and I didn’t ever really watch other cam girls until deciding I wanted to be one myself (like last week lol). I’m also transgender, so I’ve been trying to focus on transgender cam girls to get ideas.


The weird thing is, though, none of the girls I’ve seen have talked on camera at all, they’ve just been typing in what they want to say. Now this seems extremely counter-productive as it creates distance between the cam girl and the people coming to watch the show. Is this done deliberately? I just want to make sure I’m not missing out on some super effective tactics that I don’t know about. Thanks!


Cat Answers:


Ah, the ol’ “type or talk” conundrum. In all seriousness, this is one of those questions that gets asked again and again and I’m so glad you brought it up here at O Camgirl!


First, is this done deliberately? Yes and no. Good camgirls run experiments to determine what tactics yield the highest conversion rates (sales). One common experiment is whether to type or talk. So they’ll type exclusively for, say, a week. They’ll make note of their progress and then do the same with the mic on.


And no. Many camgirls don’t take the time to think about their customers’ experience of them. If typing is more appealing, they’ll type. If they feel like talking, they’ll talk.


We’re talking about free, public chat in this context of course. If you’re in a private show it really depends on what the customer asks for, but in most cases they do want to hear their model talk to them.


So in free, public chat – let’s be the customers for a sec.


  • Customer A lives alone or is home alone and has his volume turned up to hear the model.
  • Customer B is hiding in the dark while his wife sleeps and for one reason or another isn’t using headphones. He can’t hear the model.


Knowing that these two groups make up the majority of free chat guests, what is a model to do?


And we get back to experimentation.


The reason this question gets asked again and again is because, unfortunately, there is no right answer to this one. It’s personal preference, combined with a bit of strategy.


Many models will swear by using the mic at all times. They’ll say it gives the customer more of a glimpse into the real you, and leaves them more likely to become hooked and come back. It’s also tons more engaging, they’ll claim.


Others will insist that typing creates not only distance but desire. They’ll say customers are more likely to buy a private show just to hear your voice. They’ll say typing can be just as engaging as talking if done correctly.


And both are true. I’ve come across both in my own experimentation and have ultimately, personally, settled on a combination of both typing and talking during my open chat sessions.


The super effective tactic here is totally mind blowing: do what works for you and your show. Determine what works by experimenting. Here’s the experiment that works for me:


Week 1: Talk or Type exclusively. Note your dollars.
Week 2: Change nothing else, but switch Talking/Typing. Note your dollars.


Chances are you’ll not find much of a discrepancy if you can successfully keep your guests engaged either way. But if one comes more naturally, it may lead to more revenue, and would therefore be your best strategy going forward.


Hope this helps! All the best.






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