June 4, 2023

O Camgirl

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Will Funky Hair Put Me in a Small Niche?

Luna Asks:


Do you know if blue/green/pink etc. hair is well accepted among clients? I don’t want to be in a small niche.


Ember Answers:


Being a girl with pink and blue hair myself I can totally understand your question. First of all, colourful hair may actually work to your advantage. You are seen as different, as something unobtainable – kind of like a mermaid. That sounds sappy but it is true. Dying your hair a striking colour suggests that you are confident and not afraid to be seen as counter-culture. Camming is counter-culture and so you actually fit into the world of camming more than you think.


You may be afraid that your funky locks make you less desirable. A lot of guests may be looking for that girl next door fantasy, something your hair does not allow them to imagine. But don’t be disheartened. Camming is a world that allows all sorts of categories of girls and boys. If you find posting yourself in a certain category (e.g. glamour girls) does not work for you, then maybe your audience does not lie there. You need to be conscious that your hair is part of the package you offer and some people may not be looking for such a striking look. Your target clients will be logging on to find someone they may not get to connect with in the real world.


As I said before I think your hair works to your advantage. Log onto any cam site and there will always be ‘alternative girls’ with striking hair and cams. You will be joining a sisterhood of women who offer something new. Think of Suicide Girls – the popularity of that site has slowly increased over the years as people become more and more comfortable with tattoos, different hair and the way in which society is changing what we see as beautiful.


There really is no ‘small niche’ when it comes to the internet. There is an audience out there for everyone and you, with or without your funky hair, will find clients. Don’t be shy about being different – use it to your advantage. With so many girls trying to fit into current trends, you are seen as a breath of fresh hair (get the terrible pun). If you change your hair colour often like I do you can leave your clients wondering what colour will be next, and change your identity if that is what you are after. I sometimes hold a poll and ask my clients to pick the next colour. It is a fun way to involve some of your regular clients, who will love seeing you in a colour they picked.


The same advice goes for other ladies out there with body modifications, tattoos and piercings. If you were confident to get them done don’t shy from showing them off. They are part of you, and your clients come to see YOU. In all your bright hair coloured glory.


So yes, you will be accepted. You will be part of the huge pond that is the internet. Clients may have a preference, and you need to accept that you will never be everyone’s favourite ice cream flavour. But you are someone’s flavour, have no doubt of that.