March 26, 2023

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What Should I Be Doing In Private Chat?

What the heck do I do in private chat? I’m going for the fetish side. I’m registered with IMLive, but haven’t started camming because I have no earthly idea of what shows to offer. I’ve chosen these fetishes: mouth, foot (heels, stockings), and masks.


What actions do I perform with these fetishes? Do they just watch me put on a pair of stockings? Or, for the mask fetish, do they watch me dance around in a mask? I’m so lost, lol.




Hello Shannon!


As a seasoned fetish performer, I will respond to each of the fetishes you mentioned with a word association stream of what instantly comes to my mind upon hearing those words.


Mouth: lipstick application, blow jobs, over exaggerated smoking, lip licking, kissing knives or other sharp objects, drooling, spitting, lipstick kiss marks, finger sucking


Foot Fetish: high heels, boots, pantyhose, thigh highs, fishnets (and every type of foot wear or hosiery/sock you could possibly imagine), pedicures, toe nail painting, foot jobs (easily enacted with a suction cup dildo and some lube with a clear shot), foot to mouth sucking, ball kicking, food crushing, shoe model, massages, leg show


Masks: All of the above at various times while wearing a pretty mask of your choice, depending on what you feel like offering in that session


Remember That You Are In Control


Always remember that this is your show and you can do anything you want. The fetish genre is anything but cut and dry and can go in a lot of different directions. A lot of the times, you are required to take the lead due to the heavy themes of dominance and submission. You will be referred to as Mistress and Goddess constantly, and they expect you to own it. Many people will be looking for you to tell them what it is THEY want and others will want to direct you.


You can always be honest and explain to your room that you are new to camming and fetish, but that you are intrigued and want to learn. Ask your room to share their fantasies. Pick and choose the ones you want to honor in paid chat.


Never Give Too Much Away In Free Chat


Though it may seem harmless to flash your toes as an untipped request that one gesture could be akin to flashing your tits to a more vanilla guy. If you have the traits that an especially dedicated fetishist is seeking, they will pay good money for your time. If your site offers it, be sure to always recommend exclusive chat (one on one) for extensive roleplay and distinct fetish requests.


Find Inspiration From Other Camgirls’ Shows


Browse around the site you stream from and lurk in some ongoing free chats with other models. Not to rip off their gimmick, but to inspire you with devising your own. It will give you a feel for the types of requests from customers that you may come across in the fetish section. That alone will be good knowledge to have before going online. You may even reconsider your own advertised fetishes based on what you learn.


Do Your Homework and Learn More About Kink


Browse the infinite free fetish porn out there and learn what people are into. Punch some hashtagged fetishes into search bars. Don’t be afraid to explore. I am glad that you knew to contact with your questions. We will do our best to steer you in the right direction.


Check out my author page with other articles I have written, many of which are fetish/kink oriented. Always happy to assist a blossoming fetish girl.


Thank you for your question, Shannon! Best of luck to you on your new endeavor!