March 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Video Interview with Roxanna Crinis, Webcam Model & Content Seller

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My name is Roxanna Crinis. I’m 24. I work on ModelCentro as my own paysite ( I’m also on Streamate, MyGirlFund, and OnWebcam.


When and how did you start working in the adult industry?


About five years ago when I was a sophomore in college, my tuition bill was coming up. I already had a job in my degree field and I was going to school full time. So I couldn’t get another full time job but I also really needed the money.


A friend of mine told me about this site where you could talk to guys and cam. I got over my fears of camming and decided to sign up. I let my account sit there for a while, which was a mistake. I should have taken advantage of the new girl status, because the first time I actually did give it a good solid go I made my tuition bill in a single day. So lesson learned: when you finally decide to start, start.


Is camming your main source of income? How much do you make?


The answer is yes, it is my main source of income. Last year after I did my taxes and it was all said and done, I think I made over $25k. I only work a few months out of the year because I love to travel. I set my own hours, work the months and days or weeks that I want to work, and then take a vacation.


How would you describe your personality? How has it influenced your work in the adult industry?


I am a very outgoing person, but I also am very shy. So I would say that my background and personality actually worked against me being a webcam model. My parents were very strict – they were about education, discipline.


I was actually somewhat shy when I started camming but that quickly changed. Now my personality is very outgoing – I love talking to people and meeting new people.


What do you remember about your very first day on cam?


My very first day on cam, like I’d mentioned, I had been hesitant to start. But the very, very first day – I made enough money to pay my tuition bill, I wasn’t worried about my rent, and I made friends and started building relationships with some people that are actually still to this day buying content or shows from me.


What do you love and hate about the work you do now?


So every job has its pros and cons. The biggest pro I love about this job is being able to set my own hours, and being able to work and travel when I want.


Obviously some of the biggest cons have to do with privacy, anonymity and also safety. As a camgirl, I have to protect my identity, my “real world” identity and my model identity, my location and for example where I go to school, and things like that.


Another obvious pro is the income. I love being able to work 4-5 months out of the year and breaking $25k-$30k. It is a little stressful though, because I have to think about how I’m going to spend the money for the rest of the year, or if I’m going to invest, or if I’m going to blow it and just party like crazy (I don’t do that anymore). But I have spent a lot of money all in one go on trips to Africa, Costa Rica, or learning experiences for me.


If it wasn’t for this type of job where I could just pack up and leave, it wouldn’t be worth it. I used to have a very high paying job with great benefits, it was in a good community. The problem was I worked 40 or more hours a week – I had to euthanize animals because it was a research facility. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I quit. I went back to camming after about a year break and this is much more fulfilling.


Every webcam model should have a niche. What do you consider your niche(s)?


Every webcam model has his or her own niche. I love to shine within my own, which is: I have long hair, amazingly long hair. A lot of people love seeing my hair. I also really fit in with the girl next door type and I’m really easy to talk to.


How does the work you do factor into your every day life and relationships with family and friends?


I should have mentioned this in a big con. It’s difficult. I don’t tell anybody what I do. My family doesn’t know. My friends don’t know. Only a very, very few close people know. And when it comes to dating, it can be really hard because it’s not the first thing you tell a guy on a date.


I’m not sure what my family would say. My parents are strict and somewhat conservative. The rest of my family is somewhat religious. But for now I think I’m just going to keep it a secret, especially because I’m being successful and it is fulfilling and it’s what I want to do.


How has being a webcam model changed you (for better or worse)?


It has changed me for the better. I’m definitely way more outgoing, I am so independent because I have this job where I have to set my own hours. I have to wake up. If I don’t wake up, if I don’t get on cam, I don’t make any money. If I don’t keep up with my blog, and my Twitter, and my Instagram… you get the idea. It’s a lot of work and it’s all on me. If it doesn’t get done, that’s on me.


What’s the one most important piece of advice you would give to a new webcam model?


The one most important piece of advice I’d give a webcam model is don’t sell yourself short. If you think you’re worth something, you’re worth it.


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