March 26, 2023

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Unsavoury group managers dealt a blow by

Across the web there are endless tails of woe from cammers when they take the step to leave the studio/group they have signed up with, knowingly or unknowingly, reports of group managers demanding large sums of money or sexual favours before releasing the accounts has hounded the industry since day one. Today though, puts the power back into the members hands with the update of their latest Terms Of Service.


In this industry you have services like The Dailypay Service who have a long standing reputation for being open and honest, releasing members when requested and on the other hand you have convicted criminals operating groups, even going as far as trying to “pimp” their members out, see here.


“I have sent 117 emails already to Rico at Less Talk Daily Pay asking to delete my profile.”


This members post here about her struggle to have her profile deleted highlights some of the extreme pressures a person may experience when trying to do a simple task as have their account deleted so they may re-sign up on the site as an independent. In the end after a long period of sleepless nights and sinking lower than the rocks this member did finally manager to get away from the stone cold grip of their group manager.


“Is my Adultwork account being held hostage?”
“I fear he will not let my profile go unless I join his new group”


Unfortunately for this person here, the answer was yes. This member uses the Adultwork forums to plead for help in her case, its not known whether they made it out ok.




Victory for service providers as stand byside their members to give more ownership, rights and clarity.



With the latest update to their Terms Of Service Adultwork now include the lines:

  • Should Group Manager not advise us of your Group Member’s wish to leave their Group in a timely manner, we will take action to remove them and transfer outstanding credit balances to Group Manager’s account.
  • If consent is not given by the Group Manager, then the Group Member profile may (at the request of the Group Member) be deactivated from further advertisement (with the exception of those Group Managers in possession of a signed model disclaimer for digital content, in which case the profile may remain in a content only format).

This means will now directly get involved with members wishing to leave a group and will honour the request of the group member who is wishing to leave a group.