March 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

The Quick and Dirty Guide To Dirty Talk

So you’ve started a show and you’re getting into your groove. You’re showing off your body and you’re ready to get down to business. But then you see a request from your customer:


“Talk dirty bb.”


dirty talk guideWhat do you do? If you’re one of the many models who freezes up or you’re not sure you even want to offer dirty talk, read on!


Dirty talk is in high demand. Some customers focus on it more than others, but it’s a valuable skill to have in general.


If you’re interested in niche or fetish shows, particularly things like domination, non-nude, and taboo, it’s especially important to brush up on your dirty talk skills. One of the most common requests I receive is for Jerk Off Instructions (JOI) where the entire show revolves around telling a guy how to jerk off.


Dirty talk isn’t only important for niche shows. It can make all of your shows better and more satisfying for your customers. The brain is the most important sex organ after all! If you can get into their minds and build a fully interactive fantasy with your words AND actions, they’ll keep coming back for more.


Set The Tone and Pace By Being Descriptive


Talking to your viewers during your show is more engaging. It sets the stage for their fantasy. It also helps you lead the show in the right direction. If you’re with a customer who keeps pestering you to go harder and faster, you can use the power of dirty talk to get the show back on track.


For instance: “I just love how it feels when you go slow and deep – I love how you tease me and build up to a big orgasm!”  


Dirty talk helps draw out the length of your shows as well. Using your imagination to describe all of the little details can make your show progress slower and more naturally, as if they really were there with you.


[tweetthis]If you can get into their minds … they’ll keep coming back for more.[/tweetthis]


So HOW Do You Do It?


dirty talk guideBe descriptive. Describe what you’re doing as you do it:


“I love sliding my hand into my panties.”


“It feels so good to play with my big, soft tits.”


Talk about how you’re feeling: horny, excited, desperate. Describe what you would do to him if he was right there with you (stroking, teasing, sucking) or what you want him to do to you (touching, licking, kissing). Use whichever descriptive words suit the particular group or person that you’re playing with, and don’t be afraid to get creative!


Do Some Reading and Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions


Still feel like this is out of your comfort zone? Read some erotica! Build up an arsenal of go-to words and phrases that you feel comfortable repeating. Find some kinky blogs and forums to read about different fantasies.


If you’re not comfortable improvising, you can always describe past encounters or your personal fantasies. Lots of guys love to hear about your naughty life off-cam! Don’t shy away from embellishments either.


Most importantly: ask questions! Ask your customer:


  • about their naughtiest fantasies
  • what they would do to you if they were with you right now
  • questions where the answer is obviously “YES!” (“Do you like my curves?” or “Are you hard for me?”)


Another simple detail to add is “bad” words. Anything that would make your grandmother blush is fair game!


The Best Way To Get Better Is To Get Started


dirty talk guideIf you’re still feeling a bit nervous, the best thing to do may be to jump right in. Experience is the best teacher! Some customers stay mostly silent during shows, but others are very involved. They will give you all the guidance you need. Simply follow their lead and pay attention to the specific words they use. Simply rephrase and repeat.


It’s okay to be a little bit repetitive! You may sound like a broken record to yourself, but your customer is probably having the time of his life. He loves hearing his favorite words coming from his dream girl.


Performances become easier with time. After a few shows, you’ll be able to use past performance for future inspiration. A lot of customers like similar things.


[tweetthis]He loves hearing his favorite words coming from his dream girl.[/tweetthis]


Just remember: everyone has to start somewhere. You may jumble your words up and accidentally ask a man if his pussy is wet, or you may stutter and blurt out complete gibberish. Just keep going, and don’t be afraid to laugh! Your customers are excited to simply be in a show with you, so relax and have fun!