June 4, 2023

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The Complete Guide to Selling Your Adult Pictures Online [Review]

Hey guys, it’s Cat. I haven’t talked much about selling adult pictures around here, and I think that’s a huge oversight on my part; after all, having multiple revenue streams is a key to success. Unfortunately, I have basically zero experience with selling pictures. So when the makers of SnapCash emailed me about promoting their product, I saw an opportunity. They’ve been working in the industry for over a decade, so I definitely wanted to hear what they had to say on the subject. Their course is normally $27 but they gave me a copy so I could review it for you guys.

how to sell adult pictures


They didn’t pay me and this review is only based on my opinions, but if you do decide to check it out through my handy links you’ll also be supporting what we do here at O Camgirl.


It’s better advice than I could offer.


There’s a lot of stigma surrounding adult entertainment. I’ve been in the industry for a while and am fairly comfortable and confident about my work. However, I know that this may not be the case for many people who want to enter the industry. That’s why I started this site: to inform and empower. The people that made this course seem to have the same goals, and their advice is legit. So this course seems like a great way to share that knowledge without having to do a ton of research.


Definitely written for newbies. I liked it.


how to sell adult pictures


Teaches How to Fly Under the Radar and Still Get Paid


This is the part of the guide I think will be the most helpful to webcam models interested in turning pic sales into a side hustle. As cam models, the sites we use take care of a lot of the legal and financial stuff. The world of selling photo sets is a little more…blurry, so to speak.


Legal stuff is a pain in the butt, but it’s a necessary evil and not in the fun way. The SnapCash course is geared towards picture sharing platforms like Snapchat and Kik. The problem is that a lot of these apps have buzzkill Terms of Service (TOS) that forbid sexual nudity.


Instead of boring you with legal jargon, the course talks about how to fly under the radar while advertising that you’re open for business. I found this really helpful, since this isn’t something cam girls have to really deal with. You can direct people to your camming site by promoting on social media. But when you sell erotic photos you do so through the social media sites and, if administrators find out, your account could be closed.


The lack of support from a company or a site can be a bit of a drag. But on the bright side, you wouldn’t have to give away a huge chunk of your earnings in fees if you’re working through Snapchat or Kik.


It’s Like Talking to a Big Sister Who Knows What She’s Doing


how to sell adult pictures

One thing the course talks a lot about is knowing your clients and understanding their desires. Most cam girls know this already. You’re not going to receive gifts or talk a viewer into a private session if they don’t feel connected to you. Everyone wants to feel special. The course breaks down how you do this with pictures.


The Verdict:



The course is pretty thorough and for $27 I’d say it’s a good investment. The tips are straightforward and easy to apply. It provides a nice primer on the tools, techniques, and mindset you need to start making money selling pics. Check it out for yourself here.


Take it easy.


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