June 4, 2023

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Taxes, Privacy & Future Employment – 3 Important Questions

Cammi Asks:


Sooooo I’m 18 and never done my taxes on my own or anything and I was wondering how I can go about this if I decide to start like without my mom finding out? Do any of the good websites you mentioned take out taxes already so I wouldn’t have to do them? If that’s a dumb question I apologize I am completely uneducated on how taxes and basically the real life work, lol.


Also is there a site that prevents my viewers from recording me so that I can keep myself private?


And lastly, can future jobs find out I have done this somehow from my social security or whatever. Like do these sites take down my ID information for anything more than just to see if I’m of age?


Cat Answers:


Hey Cammi,

Thanks for contacting me! I’m glad to hear you’ve found the site useful and I’m happy to help out with your questions as best I can.


As far as filing taxes goes, I’m not sure what country you’re writing from but I’m in Canada so I can only speak for Canadian taxes. Basically, I file the same way I always have – the only difference is that I don’t have “employer income” to report, but rather “self employment income.” I use TurboTax online which makes it super easy every year. If the system is anything like that you shouldn’t have any problems. No site will take out taxes because they are not your employer – as a webcam model, you are an Independent Contractor (which is just another way to say self employed, but would effectively be your job title).


Unfortunately you can never be 100% private online, since that is a bit of an oxymoron lol. I’m sure you know about screen capturing programs and stuff like that. It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t happen often but it does happen and there is nothing any cam site can do to prevent it. All they can do is act on your behalf when their own copyright is violated. I personally have never run into a serious issue with my privacy. As long as you keep your local state or area blocked with geo-restrictions, you should be able to maintain your own privacy online. Please refer to this article for some more specific tips regarding your privacy: 10 Mistakes Camgirls Make That Jeopardize Their Privacy


As far as official records, a webcam model is an independent contractor. Most cam sites respect your privacy and will keep their records and pay you in such a manner that it doesn’t say anything about what you actually do. If you are ever asked for a job history, this kind of thing can be written down as self employed in sales or customer service, that kind of thing. People don’t tend to need more information than that.


Please feel free to write to me anytime if you have any other questions! I would be happy to hear from you.


Best of luck with everything!