May 28, 2023

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StripperWeb slowly fading out of the limelight? was started in 2002, 16 years ago and today is one of the most valuable resources in the camming industry. Originally started as a forum for Strippers it wasnt until a decade later it got its own specific camming section called Camming Connections which today is arguably the most popular section of the site.

The original welcome message by Pryce in 2002.


Analysing the figures of StripperWeb reveals the site is heading into life support mode before possibly fading from existence as a modern  up to the date source of information, its popularity has fallen sharply with its heyday all the way back in 2004.



The most potent example of this post is when the entire site recently went offline and no-one batted and eye lid. After at least being off for 4 days there was only a handful of mentions on Twitter as to where it went out of the 124,863 registered members. Around the web, reported zero searches and zero comments for people checking StripperWeb.


In this tweet the member @CatBBW is worried why there is lack of interest/questions as to where the site has gone. The may show a general lack of people even noticing the site wasnt even up anymore.


2cimani comes straight out with it and declares StripperWeb dead already.


Their Twitter has 971 follows, it was setup in 2009 and last tweet was 6 years ago in 2012 about maintenance.



With the largest cam site in the world publicly stating on Twitter and Instagram they definitely are NOT on StripperWeb and then posting a tweet saying StripperWeb sucks and saying to join them on instead (which sucks less) is fair to say the decline has been in the works for a while. A lot of regular posters on StripperWeb mention they left due to a toxic environment, bullying by other members. With no owner intervening it became common place and left to the mods to try and handle the situations.

One of the downfalls of StripperWeb was its members hostilities towards reps from companies trying to engage with members on the forums, instead of welcoming them like other popular forums do. If you got on the wrong side of the mob mentality you would wish you never signed up in the first place.



Comparing briefly against other forums. which was started by Amber Cutie a MyFreeCams model is much more welcoming. It has 42k+ members and an astonishing 15.1 million pageviews per year, compared to StripperWebs 8.1 million pageviews per year (down from 11.5 million views just last year). StripperWeb is currently showing 454 guests and members viewing the forums, were as niche forums like is showing 2172 guests and members online at present.



Even though we may be seeing this once great giant in the industry fading away it still hosts a wealth of information and should surely be checked out. Feel free to register here.