May 28, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

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If you are thinking about becoming a webcam model, this page is dedicated to you. Since you’re here, I’m going to guess you’ve done some research already and have come across a ton of benefits and reasons why you should absolutely dive headfirst into this line of work. That’s all cool, but we want to do something a little different here at O Camgirl.


we want to make you think camgirls

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We want to help you determine whether becoming a camgirl is a good choice for you personally. Before you go diving headfirst into unknown territory, we want to be here to answer any questions you have and make sure you understand exactly what you’re thinking about getting yourself into.


Understand what camming is.


What Are Camgirls & What Do They Actually Do?

Do I Have What it Takes to be a Successful Camgirl?

Can Guys Make Money as Webcam Models Too?

I Have Stretch Marks. Can I Still Be a Webcam Model?

Prejudice in the 21st Century is So Not Sexy


There are pros and cons and way too many misconceptions in this industry, and we want O Camgirl to be a site where you’ll find transparent and honest thoughts from experienced webcam models without an agenda.


Consider the pros and cons of webcam modeling.


10 Reasons NOT to be a Camgirl

20 More Reasons NOT To Be A Camgirl

10 Reasons I Love My Job as a Camgirl


If you decide this is for you, we want to help hook you up with legitimate opportunities that are actually a good fit. There’s no such thing as the perfect cam site, but there are different sites that might be better for different personalities and goals. We’ll share from our personal experiences and from the experiences of other models we know, and we won’t just tell you to go work on some site that pays us for recruiting you.


We want to steer you clear of the liars and scams, and help you succeed in this business if that’s what you want.


Knowledge is power.


What Cam Sites & Studios Don’t Want You to Know

How to Recognize a Scam in the Camgirl Industry

Cam Site Reviews


Knowing why you do something is the fastest way to succeed at that thing.


Consider your motivation.


Why Do You Want to be a Successful Camgirl?


Here are some more topics of interest that may help you make a fully informed decision about this career path.


Check your facts.


Taxes, Privacy & Future Employment

Can I Make Money Doing Chores in My Underwear? 

How Much Money Can a Camgirl Really Make?


If there’s a topic that would help you with your decision, please let us know and we’ll be sure to cover it as soon as possible. We will also be updating this section from time to time, so stay tuned and subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss anything.


Ask all the questions you can think of before making a decision, and supplement this information with further research. We recommend browsing the forums as well as reading everything you can sink your teeth into at OCamgirl.


Still want to be a webcam model?


Learn how to get set up and become the best camgirl you can be, by clicking over to:


Camgirl Success Tips


We love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts in any comment box you find around here. Thank you very much for visiting O Camgirl today. We wish you all the best and success on your journey – wherever it takes you.

27 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Hey! I’ve been looking into various types of sex work and just want something fun to do on the side that’ll make me cash in addition to college and day job. Is cam girl a good option? I need as much privacy as possible as my field isn’t exactly porn friendly. There has to be a market for masked cam girls

    1. Hi, there is definitely a market for masked cam girls yes, you may also be interested in making clips, as there are many different fetishes, feet for instance, or crushing things in your hand (Oranges etc), theres alot of different options available to you.

  2. Hey Cat how are you? I wish I would have done more research before joining a studio- but oh well. They do have their own cam site, which I get paid well on though the traffic is terribly slow. SM, however, is a smaller percentage (though still mostly worth it). Our job is to basically get fans from SM to the new site. Something I’ve found I am NOT good at. I started off in a studio space, but got let go from the physical studio for not performing well enough(I am still on as a home model, though). They didn’t train at all like they had promised, and I truly am not sure why I’m not doing better. When I would try to speak to the office manager about it, she would tell me I needed more confidence (huh?).. I made $1500 one week once I was working from home. Otherwise, it’s teetered between $300-$800. Do you have any tips on being a successful cam model / how to come across as more engaging? My hope is to save and get myself in a comfy position so that I can stop and go back to f&b (along with my primary job) for a year until I can be on my own and see better outcome for my shows. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Meamia, thanks for dropping by and posting! Sounds like you’re doing fairly well on cam. I’d love to help you improve your game with some tips. Have you checked out our Success Tips page? ( There’s a section about midway down called “Follow these tips to succeed while on cam” that may help. Please let me know if I can help with anything more specific!
      Take it easy,

      1. Hi Cat, I’ve just joined internet modelling and I am based in SA. I am not enjoying webcam models at all, too many guys wanting and getting it for free there, what is your suggestion for me now? I want to close my account so I can join direct in 6 months or is it a year? Where should I join to earn dollars while I wait it out? I am sooo glad I found you! I really enjoy my camming but want to be exposed to serious customers. Thank you!

  3. Ladies, a new site has just launched! I would love to have you become a “babe.” There is a 70% payout, you receive tips, can do privates and we also have a game that will be very popular. If you have any questions message me! Check out the page at […really? Redacted].

  4. I was really debating becoming a cam girl and have come back to your articles serveral times , they’re super helpful in my decision. My only this is , I don’t feel like I have the body for it. I’m not over weight but I am a 21 yr old mother of two kiddos. So my breast are definitely not perky , but that’s my only dilemma. Do you think this would be a problem, also I only have a Mac apple laptop… would that webcam work?

    1. There’s a lot of misconception around what “body type” is acceptable for cam work. I think this post may help you with some context on that.
      You’ll need an external cam for best results. Check out this post for more info and some recommendations. Just make sure to get something compatible with Mac.
      Hope this helps! And thanks for checking out O Camgirl.

  5. Just wanted to say thank you! I’ve been thinking about camming for almost 2 years now, but I’ve been too nervous.
    After reading your article how-to-conversation-for-the-socially-awkward-camgirl (and many, many others but without this one, I wouldn’t have been able to do it!), I turned on my cam and became myself, but with no shame or insecurity. I even got 175 followers my first show and made a decent chunk. It was so much fun and I feel more self confident than I ever have and I was only on for two hours! ! appreciate your site for helping me to over come my fear and take the plunge.

    1. How wonderful! I’m so happy to hear that O Camgirl helped you overcome your initial fear about camming, and that your first broadcast went so well. That’s really awesome. Thanks so much for taking the time to share. 🙂

  6. hi i’m really interested in becoming a cam girl but i’m not sure which site is legit. Do you think you could put me on the right path??

  7. Hi! I am English and currently live in England and I was wondering about payment as in would the dollars be converted to pounds automatically or is that something I have to do after I get the money?
    Also is a british accent a particular fetish I can use and cash in on?
    Thanks xxx

    1. Hi Katerina!

      Most sites pay out in US dollars and depending on the payment method you’ll convert to your currency when you deposit it. If you use Payoneer (I highly recommend this as an International payment option), the conversion happens automatically when you use the card or withdraw the cash from an ATM.
      I wouldn’t call your accent a fetish – however a lot of members will absolutely adore you for it and it’s certainly something you can benefit from advertising in hashtags and your profile. 🙂

      Thanks for reading O Camgirl!


    1. Hi Lolani! I-CAMZ is just a Streamate studio. Streamate itself is good, but in general I recommend staying away from studios and signing up with them directly. MongoCams appears to be a fairly new, small site. Check out our cam site reviews for more options. Thanks for stopping by! -Cat

      1. Thanks for the advice Cat, after some further research as well I’m starting to get a little more of a hang of what are sites, studios, and agencies. So far I’m on chaturbate, and have broadcasted a few nights already & just got approved for streamate and in the process of signing up for mygirlfund. I honestly could not have done this without the help from o cam girl. Thanks so much for creating this blog <3 Wish me luck! hehe – Lolani Wild

  8. Hi Cat! I love your site. I’m a camgirl – sort of part-time at the moment – who has recently started her own recruiting agency. We’re not a studio, just a few camgirl friends from college who wanted to help aspiring models avoid the mistakes we made, and of course make money.

    We recruit for 5Points, Internet Modeling, Chaturbate, etc. Never have they taken a model’s commision to pay us. We either get a lifetime commission paid by the studio/agency, or we get a flat fee. This never comes out of the camgirls’ pockets, as far I have ever known.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Abbey! Thank you for your kind comments. If you are recruiting for studios/agencies who are recruiting for the actual cam sites, I would wager that they are taking a cut of the models’ check to pay themselves if not you. I do know this for a fact about Internet Modeling. I do appreciate your comments. Best of luck with your recruiting! Cat

    1. Hi Nikita,
      They are a studio that sets you up with Streamate and takes 43% of your earnings. As always I recommend signing up direct and take out the middle man! Best.

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