March 26, 2023

O Camgirl

The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Q&A with professional domme Goddess Xena



Tell OCamGirl about yourself?

I am a professional dominatrix and love performing online


How has being a webcam model changed you, for better or for worse?

I am more confident speaking to people from all different countries and it has made me very positive and secure about my life.. love receiving compliments and have many regulars who say the right thing. Of course you have the odd annoying cammer who sometimes you have to kick out of room for numerous reasons


What do you believe makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd?

I am very confident and comfortable what I do

I also work with all diff levels of subs some who have done many times before others, may be their first time.

I always like to find out a callers needs first even though many dommes make it all about them I aim to give a good experience for the client regardless of kink or Fetish.


What do you consider your niches or main categories?

Domme/domination – BDSM
Findom/Findomme – Financial Domination
Tease & Denial
Sissification / Crossdress
Other fetishes (too many to name)
Taboos (As long as legal)


What do you remember about your first day on cam? First week? First month?

It was much busier with new callers but now more girls are aware of cams and now do too.

Plus many different cam sites offer services now whereas before when I started (over 5yrs ago) it was limited

Tv programmes show cams sites more and gloried it a little as don’t show the down sides which makes it more appealing.. many start camming but end up stop doing also. Think cams have a high turn over of girls.


How did you first come across the industry and get started?

A friend told me about it and showed me

Always been naturally dominant anyway. Get in fights with boys at school haha..

I opted to do domme as was married and didn’t appeal to me being naked and doing naughty things on cam.

I also like being in control and giving orders as naturally dominant and always have been.


What cam site was your first?

Adultwork – still is my favourite one to use


Is camming your main source of income?

a big part of it


How would you describe your background?

Middle class – gone working class


In the mainstream media there is an impression that women are in porn against their will. What are your thoughts on it?

Never have I done anything I didn’t want to or be in control of but the porn industry itself is becoming more more controlled by women so hopefully this won’t be happening


How does the work you do factor into your every day life and relationships with family and friends?

Some of my family and friends know what I do
The important people in my life do as I wouldnt even consider hiding from them as I am very open. However, not all know and I rarely tell strangers as too many are judgemental and wouldn’t understand – even though I am a domme and slightly difference all cammers get tarred with the same brush regardless of what you do on cam


Who do you like to think about when you masturbate?

Many diff things – mainly my husband


Have you ever seen a porn scene you wished to recreate?

Many – with my husband of course


Whats your favourite oral sex act to perform?

Wouldn’t you like to know.. many pay to ask those sort of questions – nosey


Would you like to be with more than two guys at the same time?

Never – I have watched 2 guys on cam before very entertaining


Do you listen to music while you have sex? If so, what kind?

Lovers rock, slow jams, RnB


Have you used any form of sex furniture and what kind?

Many diff forms – sex swing can be fun


Have you ever brought toys into the bedroom with a partner? What kind? Describe the experience(s).

Vibrators mainly quite adventurous but no need for toys


What’s your favourite thing to do to relax?

Listen to some music, read… watch a film… soak up in the jacuzzi


What are the top 3 places that are on your bucket list?

Dominica, Sicily, Cuba


Do you ever roleplay in bed?





Dirty talk or keep quiet?

Depends on mood I am in… usually always have a bit of dirty talk thrown in there


Do you have any hidden talents?

Many and that’s what they are hidden.. until lucky enough to see


What does your perfect date consist of?

Me, my husband… on a boat somewhere hot, with butlers on hand… massages… the best food and wine… and no one else around (maybe a slave to attend to our every need)


Have you ever sent naughty images to a person you werent involved with in your personal life?

Many – subs and slaves who earn it… but not too naughty (mainly of me and hubby getting up to stuff rarely on own)


Every cam model has a few stories. Share one!

Nothing too exiting well not that I can share here…

One was a guy doing forced intox… doing stuff on cams mainly poppers. He kept on wanting to go on and on.. he was drinking heavy also… on cam he kept falling over and hitting head so had to end the call when felt enough was enough as could have been dangerous encouraging him to do so much. He thanked me for it later the next day.. being a good domme is knowing when a sub has had enough as many don’t know the line.

Have had many cams sessions where the client has been caught out on cam or someone has come back and they have had to cut off the cam also. I always tell a caller to make sure they have privacy and if in doubt then we can always reschedule.



What do you like most about the industry?

You get to meet all different people from all different walks of life

I get complimented all the time

Of course I am in control at all times and am my own boss.

I can where as much or as little as want and what I want – no dresscode


What are your plans going forward?

To continue with my life the way it is and have more fun on cams…

Over the next few years I am also going to be writing a book which will be about my life (things I have done and seen) before and after I started camming.. so you will be able to read it all there 🙂


What’s the one most important piece of advice you would give to someone considering becoming a webcam model?

Be confident and stay open minded.

Always set some rules for yourself, some boundaries and stick to them.

Never do anything not sure of or have to question.

Never give out personal information.

Never meet someone off cams unless it is a booking and they have used a formal booking form on site (if offered) and also secured with a deposit from their bank as many will let you down or be all talk. At least this way you have their name, deposit so covered for time and a booking as proof of where you went. Your safety is most important


How do you think the future of the webcamming industry will be?

More girls will be doing it as becoming more socially acceptable.

It’s a good way of earning extra income for those in regular work anyway.


Do you regret ever doing cams?

No – best thing I ever done as had some issues with my own self esteem before started it


Do you recommend cams to others?

It is not for the faint hearted. Many that have seen what I have to see on cams (I sometimes show friends) reallt are shocked and have said they couldn’t do it as have weak stomach and are not as open minded for me.. So if you can cut off emotion and have a wild imagination and are also talkative and outgoing and confident then the job could be for you.. if you lack any of these qualities then it may not be for you.


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