June 4, 2023

O Camgirl

The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Introducing Streamate Model PrincessSnowAngel, 21, USA

PrincessSnowAngel, 21, USA


Jonathan: Hi, this is Jonathan with O Camgirl. I’m here today with PrincessSnowAngel, a webcam model from the United States.


PrincessSnowAngel: Hi.


Jonathan: How long have you been working in the adult industry and what drew you into it?


PrincessSnowAngel: I’ve been working in the adult industry for three months now. We were kind of struggling financially. My car was breaking down and I wasn’t sure how I was going to get to my normal ‘office, nine to five’ type job and as well as I just didn’t feel like that type of workplace really fit me. I always felt like I wanted to be my own boss and I wanted to be really creative, and I was always into obviously exotic and dirty kind of content. When I was always watching movies, as an adolescent, I always liked the sexual scenes and I liked to watch porn so I was like, “Hey, a webcam model’s kind of a good combination of being able to do both things.


[tweetthis]”I always felt like I wanted to be my own boss and I wanted to be really creative…”[/tweetthis]


Jonathan: Is the adult entertainment industry your main source of income? If not, what is?


PrincessSnowAngel: Yes. I work full time on Streamate as a webcam model there. I originally started on Chaturbate, but I just felt like what they had on their site wasn’t really all about what I was about. I felt Streamate was better because it gives me the opportunity to do more private and exclusive shows with members, so I can really be able to spend time focusing on their own sexual desires.


Jonathan: Every job has it’s own pros and cons. What do you love and what do you hate about webcam modeling?


PrincessSnowAngel: Pros: …definitely being your own boss and making up your own hours… Another thing is being able to stand up for myself, that’s something that I’ve definitely learned through webcam modeling. Before, like when I was younger in prior situations before I even started with this, I would always be the type to kind of not really stand up for myself too much, or just let things go. Now, it’s like I’ve gained a good control of that and I’m able to be confident with myself in that aspect, which is great. The money aspect is great. Being able to make up your own hours, your own schedule.


Cons: You’re always going to get certain people that are going to be a bit rude to you or try to give you a hard time or try to get free stuff when they’re in public chat with you, but really, what I do is just kind of, I either hold my ground and I’m like, “I’m not going to do this, if you’re going to keep giving me a hard time I’ll block you,” so it’s nothing that really I think of as too bad.


Jonathan: How does the work you do factor into your every day life and relationships with family and friends?


PrincessSnowAngel: I guess the thing mainly is just being able to have confidence in myself. Also an outlook, since I’m technically my own business as an independent cam model, it’s gotten me to really research and read things and gain interest in other things in a more greater depth, which is good. I don’t really have a whole ton of friends so I’ve been able to connect with other webcam models, which has been great.


Jonathan: How has being a web cam model changed you or your perspective?


PrincessSnowAngel: It helped realize my worth, I guess, that I should be treated with respect from everyone really. It’s helped me be able to express myself creatively, like even when I’m not broadcasting.


Jonathan: How would you describe your personality and how has it influenced your work as a webcam model?


PrincessSnowAngel: I’ve always been very outgoing. When I’m broadcasting, and then I’ll be in a show, someone will be like, “Where do you live?” I’ll be like, “I’m in outer space. The fifth galaxy of hot dog island.” It’s out there. Then I’ll say, “Oh, yeah. My boyfriend’s an alien and I’m part alien.” I like the aspect of being able to kind of be out there and it’s okay and you can find different people where that’s attractive to them and I can just be myself.


Jonathan: What’s the one most important piece of advice that you would give to someone considering becoming a webcam model?


PrincessSnowAngel: Really know your self worth and don’t be afraid to just go to the limits that you’re comfortable with. There’s always going to be different guys out there that are going to be attracted to you. Don’t think because say you start on the fourth page of whatever website you’re on and then you look at everyone on the first page like, “How did they do that?” Instead of trying to think of ways like, “What are they doing?” or putting yourself down because of that, it’s not worth it. It’s more so just like try to figure out what you can do to try to really draw people in and be the sexiest and best creative you that you can be, and really reflect that if that’s what you want to show, and I think from there, you’ll see yourself progress and you’ll have your achievements, and you can feel proud of that.


Jonathan: Do you have any closing thoughts or anything that you’re working on that you’d like to plug?


PrincessSnowAngel: Everyone can always check out my website, which is princesssnowangel.com. There you will find different blog posts that I have about different updated things that are going on, and also, I’m hoping to start writing about what I’ve done to succeed because I’ve only been on Streamate at least for about three months I believe it is and I’ve gone from the fourth page to always being on the first page top row which is… There’s been a lot to that which not only have I updated my technical equipment, which my boyfriend helped me with, but also just realizing and learning different things and different tips and tricks on how to be the perfect PrincessSnowAngel I can be on cam, so you can read a lot more about that as well as different personal things I have going on, different upcoming projects, like I’m hoping to post a few more custom videos of my boyfriend about, in different sexy scenarios so we’ll see.


I also have Twitter as well where you can find, if you want to follow me, different stuff that I post that’s interesting or different tweets that I have or retweets from other people that I like. Yeah. I’m also on Streamate. I blog on there. Find me on the top row sometimes when I’m on.


Thank you PrincessSnowAngel!