March 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Virtual Dominatrix and Blogger, Princess Mika

princess mika interviewPrincess Mika, 20-something, USA


How long have you been working in the adult industry?


I’ve worked in the adult industry for five years now. I started off as a non-nude tease model, not knowing anything about FemDom. This naturally attracted a lot of subs and that is what sparked My curiosity to find out more. I knew right away that I had to be a part of the FemDom world. The rest is history.


What is your earliest camming memory?


My earliest camming memory was a busy one. I started on Streamate, not knowing whether or not a FemDomme could be successful on there. I ended up having exclusive after exclusive after exclusive. It was a very lucrative evening and I knew I had found the site I would stay on.


Is the adult entertainment industry your main source of income?


Yes, it is. I earn income through many sources within the adult industry:


  • My own membership site
  • Camming
  • Clip Store
  • Receiving tributes from My subs and slaves


What do you love and hate about webcam modeling?


I love my job. There is so much I love about it that makes the not-so-great things easier to deal with.


I love the freedom and flexibility of working at home and for Myself. It fits perfectly with My lifestyle.


The worst part of this job are the trolls but they are easily blocked.


Why am I so happy!? It’s January, My birthday month! Prepare to spoil Me, if you haven’t already ~ #femdomme

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How does your work affect your every day life?


I am Princess Mika pretty much 24/7. It isn’t something I can turn on and off like a light switch. There are always e-mails to respond to, clip descriptions to write, and so much more. It never ends.


Everyone that matters to Me knows what I do. We all laugh at some of the stories I’ve shared with them regarding My subs and slaves.


How would you describe your background / personality?


What is great about what I do is that I get to really be Myself on cam and in clips. Even My real life friends and family members call Me a Princess, haha. So, it’s really nice that I found something that feels seamless. I think I would be exhausted mentally if I had to pretend to be a different personality for camming and clip making.


What’s the most important advice you would give to someone considering becoming a webcam model?


My best advice is to keep putting in the time and trying new things. Too often, I feel like new models give up after a few months. It took Me over a year to refine My FemDom hustle.


What would you say has been your secret to success?


My secret to success kind of goes with what I advised newer models to do, in the previous question. I always tried new things. Some things worked, some things didn’t and, after a year, I finally found what the right hustle is for Me.


Do you have any closing thoughts, or anything you’re working on that you’d like to plug?


Thank you for having Me! 🙂 I really love your site! I am currently working on My FemDom resource site and just recently released. It’s a little similar to your site but aimed towards Dommes and subs.


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Thank you, Mika!
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