May 25, 2022

O Camgirl

The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

New British cam site (and how to get an extra 3% payout!) has just been launched this week, 5th July 2021. A new live/prebook cam site based in the UK with its site balance in GBP (not normally seen but very handy for UK members).

Site features:

– Live chat via sites own software and pre-booked shows can be arranged using Facetime (your number is never exposed to the public).
– Set owns rates ranging from £2 per minute/message – £5 per minute message (stops other performers low balling you and the marketplace brining the overall Per Minute down).
– Site charges no % on tips (VAT still needs to be paid).
– Payout rate on earnings 60% (if you are VAT registered you can claim it back and receive 72% payout).
– Earn 5% referrals using your own personalised link, your friends still get their 60% as normal.
– Get a free premium ad on if you also escort to link to your account.
– Heavy advertising to ensure as much paying traffic as possible.
– Payouts direct from site in GBP local faster bank transfer.
– Ability to add your own videos and pictures.

How to get the extra 3% and how to get paid internationally:

If you use The Dailypay Service they will auto add an extra 3% onto your earnings for you, you can signup via here or ask to transfer you into the studio. While using The Dailypay Service payout options increase to include Paxum, Cosmopay, Paypal and international bank transfer.