June 4, 2023

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Naked.com Review

REVIEW: Naked.com a Professional and Reliable Site with a Solid Support System


Reputation: 8/10


Naked.com has been live for over half a decade with ups and downs in their traffic and models. Their technology leaves a bit to be desired, but they get great feedback where it counts. Models report prompt payment, a solid support system, and a sense of community. The atmosphere among models on Naked is one of the best I’ve seen. Other models are quick to Tweet, promote, and interact with new Naked.com models.


DylanAces writes, “I like naked.com for its daily contests and 24/7 live person support.”


It might be difficult for a new model though. Just glancing at the front page on Naked.com, I recognize porn stars and other well-known adult performers.


“This site has a lot of porn stars, and lil ol’ me is so normal,” writes Naked.com model, Coco.


Even so, with regularity and persistence, any model on this site can earn money and win bonuses.


Most of the negative feedback comes from their previous streaming options. “I felt like I was in 1999 or something,” says former Naked model FlowerPower. Naked.com has since updated their interface.
naked.com review

Enjoy Industry Standard Rates and a Reliable Payment Schedule at Naked.com


Payouts: 7/10


On Naked, models make the industry standard of 50% commission on all sales. Models choose their rates for private shows from $2.99 to $9.99. Their “Spy” shows are always set to $2 less than the private show rate. There are multiple ways for models to make income including tips, privates, spymode, group shows, and video sales.


The site offers direct bank deposit (via Payoneer or Dwolla), Payoneer paycard, or CMB card. Their minimum payments start at $2.


Naked.com has a good reputation for reliable payments.


DylanAces writes, “Payouts [are] always on time if not early.”


Naked Screens Out Freeloaders, But May Be Intimidating for New Models


Users and Traffic: 6.5/10


The unique thing about Naked.com is that it requires users to purchase tokens before chatting. This means the few members that are in a room are premium members with a credit card on file. The system automatically mutes all guest users, which helps cut down on annoying requests from freeloaders.


Models on Naked are ranked with camscores. The scores aren’t really explained on the site, but they take things like favorites, income earned, and user reviews into consideration. Each day, the top 5 models on the website get a bonus of up to $500. There is no limit to how often a model can win.


Couples and TS models are welcome, but the website doesn’t allow lone male performers.


As with all cam sites, traffic ebbs and flows. The unique thing I’ve noticed on Naked.com is the initial wave of traffic during the first week. Most cam sites will advertise your “New Model” status, which is great for visibility. Unfortunately, this leaves models open to attacks from trolls and users with nothing better to do.


My first week was full of premium members attempting to get freebies or attacking my physical appearance. I’m a seasoned web model, so I easily deflected and blocked these users. For this reason, however, I would not recommend Naked.com to new cammers.


Site’s Technology Leaves Something To Be Desired, But Offers Lucrative Features


Technology: 7/10


Naked.com has received criticism because of their layout and broadcasting options. The site itself is simple and has only a few categories. But they are always working on updating the site, adding features, and maintaining traffic.


Models on Naked can broadcast in three different ways:


  1. Naked’s basic broadcaster: An Adobe Flash-based user interface that looks a little dated, but gets the job done.


  1. Desktop application for broadcasting in HD: This “iModel” app runs using Adobe Air, which downloads at the same time if you don’t already have it.


  1. Their new in-browser broadcaster: This is still in Beta and has a few glitches. I prefer to use this broadcaster because it is mobile-device friendly. Models gain a surge in traffic because users can watch on their smartphones. This broadcaster allows for private shows, group shows, tips, and spy shows. All these things increase your chances of making money.


Models Can Block Geographic Regions


You can select several US states or other countries where you don’t want to appear. Locations you select won’t show up in search results. Even if you share the link, your page will not be displayed in the blocked regions. You can also connect your Twitter to further interact with fans.


Naked Boasts a Terrific Support Team and Fast Sign-up Process


Support: 10/10


The sign-up process at Naked.com was fast and easy. The verification process took less than a business day. Support answers questions quickly, and they have a good reputation for resolving matters. Additionally, if you tweet when you go online, they might retweet to their 40k followers.


Admins at Naked upload helpful how-to videos to the site’s blog. They are available for live chat and answer questions across various platforms.


Naked.com is an established live cam site with growing traffic and a good reputation.


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