March 26, 2023

O Camgirl

The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling Skype Cam Shows

Hello, im very pleased to be writing on ocamgirl as a new writer and blogger. My name is SylvySinclair, a cam model for almost 18 years. I started back in 2001 and have been in this business for the past decade, seeing the ups and downs of the camming world. Back in 2001, things were very different. Shows had no audio or were done with audio in special circumstances, we used to do big shows, mostly over 20 mins and token sites didn’t exist whatsoever. Yes, things have changed and we had to adapt.

Was back in 2016 when on ins and outs of camming, that I have decided to make Myfetishcamgirls aka due to lack of fetish skype cam shows sites on the internet. Lots of vanilla sites were there, none was about the bdsm and fetish world that I love so much. That being said, it was time to put something different up and show guys that kinky was ok and it was more than time to have a BDSM site up.

Like I said before, I have been a cam model for almost 18 years and most of that time, as a femdom (Mistress), providing kinky and special shows. The idea of Myfetishcammodels was to bring guys the kinky they were looking for on vanilla sites, but had only found on very few categories of these same sites. On MFCG, how I call it, you can get almost every fetish you can think of. We have very few things that are not allowed on the site due to Visa regulations. So if you look for something different, kinky, special, out of the ordinary, you need to check Myfetishcammodels for sure. We are a smaller site, with real fetishists and dommes/submissives, men, females and transsexuals. We have it all! On the main page you will find the models online, you can contact them by going to their profiles and clicking on their skype icons. Most use also discord (a game app) that offers nice cam streaming. On the main menu tab on the top, you will find all the categories of fetishes offered by the models on the site. You can also book a show with the models on specific times, or get me as your concierge to point you to the right model, no other sites have that due to their sizes, being small allow us to offer such feature), payments are secure through a very powerful and secure portal, customer support was considered the best in 2017 and 2018, responding to issues either for models or clients in less than 3hs.

Being a Model allows me to reach models on a more personal way and knowing their difficulties, makes us more connected than by sites owned by men or people who don’t know what camming is. I consider that a big plus when connecting with the models on the site. For clients, I see an easier way of paying, since they don’t have to register at all, they make payments just by entering their cards information and that’s it. Great for guys who don’t want to have a porn account attached to their cards. Also the description on the card statement is very discrete, it comes as Brisk and Partner, which doesn’t arise any porn red flags.

Well, I hope that this is a helpful information regarding the site, I’m available to anyone who wants to ask further or needs more information about how we work.

Happy Camming,


owner of