March 26, 2023

O Camgirl

The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling


Today I will post about traffic towards Cam Models and Content Producers/Sellers. We live in harsh times, people are not spending the way they did before, years ago…Selling Cam Shows is a luxury that once was easily sold, not anymore. Models need to up their game when it comes to advertise and do great marketing about their services. Years ago, we could just sit and traffic would flow between our fingers like water, its not like that anymore, in between shows and recording videos for sale, we need to advertise our rooms, chats, services and personalities. There is a lot out there to help us with that: twitter, instagram, reddit, and many others. But what about paid traffic? Does it really help? Does it really bring traffic, quality traffic, I mean? Well, we won’t know, if we don’t try, right?

These days I was looking for a good site to pay for an advertising for myself, my website. So I decided to take a look at the news on, I have an account there that I haven’t logged in a while. Hoving over the many advertisements, I saw one that called my attention.

“Advertise with MrPornGeek, the biggest listing for adult cam sites on the web”

I decided to email the owner of this “amazing” site and ask, if they would advertise an independent Cam Model Website and if so, what was the cost.

The Owner, was very nice, but he said: “-Im sorry, but we only list cam sites, not independent cam model’s sites”.

I was immediately frustrated and thought, why not? When I thanked him for his time, he gets back to me and says: “Well, actually, this is a great idea!”

Well, After chatting for a while, he decided to open a category for Independent Models, he asked me to send him, Models with big number of followers on social media, like twitter, instagram and reddit. I was ok with it, and sent him a small list with 20 names more or less. Well, he came back to me saying that the models with big followers numbers, would get a FREE spot on his site, not sure how long for, but it’s worth to try. The Site has 9 million visits per month, which means that every model posted, has a grand chance to get paying members.

Again, trying doesn’t hurt and 9 million visitors a month, is a nice number to start with. Daniel Asked me to paste what he needs from Models, if you agree with it, please send him these infos:

1. If possible, please provide webcam images/selfies that will appear in the ‘sneak peek’ area of our listing. The more provided, the better – higher resolutions are preferred to improve our user’s experience. We’d also like an image to be created with Porn Geek/MPG written on either a sheet of paper being held or a part of the model’s body – this helps confirm legitimacy of the camgirls. If you’d like to just send us a large collection of images that we can pick and choose from, that’s fine with us.

2. We’ll need approval from all models that they’re willing to do shout outs once every 2 weeks for Mr. Porn Geek on social media platforms (we’ll provide the images and texts – all they have to do is post).

3. Please provide links to all active social media accounts of the camgirls – we’ll link directly to them from their Mr. Porn Geek listing. This provides SEO benefits and leads for paid platforms, such as webcam communities, OnlyFans accounts and content stores (Many Vids/PornHub/etc.).

Please email him at  with the list of things. 

Good luck!