March 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

How to Reduce Competition and Make More Money

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Camming used to be very lucrative. But as more and more models started to work as camgirls, the average income went down due to increased competition. However, there are models who keep high earnings in this competitive arena. The reason that they can keep earning so well is that they have successfully differentiated themselves from other models. If you want to be a successful model, and to survive the competition, it’s time to think about what your strategy should be and what the best opportunity is that you can grab.


Differentiation is the key to success.


The success of every business depends on how you differentiate your product or brand from others. Differentiation can come in many forms, such as price, quality, and unique features that satisfy customers’ needs. Of course, this applies to the camming industry as well. There are many webcam modeling sites available online that have their own uniqueness, such as fetish focused sites, tip based “free” sites, virtual reality camming sites and so on. In the case of webcam models, the differentiation can be the price you charge, the type of the show you provide, your personality, and your appearance.


The price you charge


Some sites allow models to change the amount they charge for their shows. As you charge less, it becomes easier to get viewers – but differentiation based on pricing can lead to a fatal result. If you reduce your prices enough, others will reduce their rates just as much or even more. The pricing based competition does not stop until nobody can charge any less. Thus, it is not a sustainable strategy to be a successful model.


The type of show you do


Depending on what viewers are looking for, you may find a special niche by appealing to a certain fetish or fetishes. Some viewers have a “femdom” fetish, while others have a “squirt” fetish. The number of fetishes that exist is nearly limitless. If you can provide a show fitting their unique interests, you can possibly be a successful model.


Your personality


Successful models have unique personalities that attract clients. Viewers who become your regular customers are not only attracted to your appearance, but also your personality. Some people are likable, witty, and charismatic; some are not. You may be able to learn skills to be more amicable, but it can be difficult to teach yourself these things as an adult, as you learn these skills throughout your childhood by communicating with others.




Differentiating yourself through your appearance can be effective. These attributes can include your hair color, your face, and your body type. How you differentiate your appearance depends on who you are competing against, and who you are appealing to. Of course, barring cosmetic surgery, there’s not much you can do about most of that.


So, a practical approach is to work at the sites where you can gain an advantage by using your appearance. If you’ve been overseas, you may have experienced that people in other countries often have a crush on foreigners. For example, Asian countries – especially Korea, China and Japan – have a big population of “Caucasian race” fetishists. Some say it is because those countries were once colonized by countries where Caucasian was majority while others say it is just a rare race in those countries, thus they are interested in them.


As explained above: if you look “white”, you can get advantages on Asian sites as Asian men have a fetish for “white” women. Furthermore, because Asian sites do not market to other regions, most-if-not-all of the models who work at such sites are Asian. Thus, the competition you face is much less than if you work on a site where people from your country frequent.


[tweetthis] If you look “white”, you can get advantages on Asian sites…as an “exotic” model.[/tweetthis]


Problem with language barrier


When you try to work for a foreign site, the first thing you think about is the language barrier. The English proficiency of people in Korea, China and Japan is very low. You may think it is scary or impossible to work if you cannot communicate, but the actuality is a little different.


Think about this example: there are many international couples who do not speak each other’s language fluently. Of course, language plays an important role in married life – it’s one of the biggest reasons that international couples get divorced – but falling in love does not require high language proficiency.


Moreover, because what most of the viewers at camming sites are looking for is not someone to fall in love with, but someone who can satisfy their sexual desire, your work requires much less language proficiency than falling love with someone who does not speak your language well.


Problem with cultural barrier


Another problem you have to overcome is the cultural barrier. If the culture that people belong to is different, the definition of attractiveness is different as well. For example, people are obsessed with getting thin in most countries. But in Mauritania, a country located in west Africa, obese women are considered attractive.


Another example is in Japan. Getting a tattoo is considered “cool” in some countries, like the U.S.. However, having a tattoo is a big negative thing in Japan. Japanese people see a tattoo as a sign of having connection with a gang. Thus, they do not see a woman with tattoos as attractive. There are many things that you should or should not do if you work on foreign sites. You have to figure out what works and what doesn’t, sometimes by trial and error. If you do not want to waste your time, having some help may be a good idea. Working with a studio or agency is not usually recommended, as they take out some of your money for doing nothing, but there is one webcam model agency that seems to be doing legit work. Meiya Tokyo USA is an online webcam model agency that specializes in supporting webcam models who want to work for Japanese camming sites. They support camgirls to overcome language and cultural barriers. According to this agency, if you are interested in Anime and Manga or speak a little Japanese, you have big potential to be a very successful model.


List of Asian Cam Sites


There are many adult and non-adult sites in Asian regions. Most sites do not have an English page. Thus, they may not accept foreign models. Only DX live and FC2 live had foreign models working online when we checked.

Site name Global Alexa rank  Country Type
Africa TV 81,520 Korea Non-nude, English, Broadcasting site 12,476 China Non-nude, Broadcasting site
Kimogirl N/A China Adult
Angel live 21,743 Japan Adult
BBchat TV 64,798 Japan Non-adult
Chatpia 29,999 Japan Non-adult, MILF
DMM live 188 Japan Adult, Non-adult
DX live 5,184 Japan Adult, English
FC2 live 58 Japan Non-Adult, Adult, English, Broadcasting site
Kanjuku live 165,664 Japan Adult, MILF
Live de chat 10,595,052 Japan Adult


If you are interested in working for an Asian site, I suggest you contact them first as they may not accept foreign models.




[tweetthis]Differentiation is the key to success.[/tweetthis]


The key to being a successful model is to differentiate yourself in a way that matches what the viewers are looking for. Don’t be just another ordinary camgirl. It’s too competitive, as there are so many models you are competing against. Matching the type of show you provide to a specific target audience is a great way to differentiate yourself from other models. Try foreign sites where you can stand out as an “exotic” model!


This post is sponsored by Meiya Tokyo USA. Thanks for reading!