January 26, 2023

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Legendary Adultwork group KinkyDirtyBitches steps aside 1st Nov 2018


If you have ever been a member of Adultwork you will undoubtedly of seen the group KinkyDirtyBitches, run by Amica Bentley aka KinkyDirtyBitch. Amica and the group have become so well known she is Adultworks go to girl for new features being released on site.

In 2004 Adultwork.com was born, along with it KinkyDirtyBitches, the group first started in order to easily maintain Amica‘s accounts, soon after friends joined and other Adultwork members. The group was never designed to have bulging membership numbers or work as a business but what it did have was some of the highest ranked members of the site all in one place, as more people joined a small contribution was used to feature the group on Adultwork.com, 14years later its still being advertised on the homepage every other day.



The group had the highest level of professionalism and at the same time never took itself too serious, some superstar names that were attracted to the group included MissLouiseKay, HornyHeidiBush, ladybellatrix, AngelLong, milf mrs robinson, Blue-Velvet, MissTiffanyNaylor, Lacy-Lane and musclemilf.


The lady behind the group, Amica Bentley, notoriously famous Adultwork.com member with 5798 ratings as this is typed, over 20 million views on Xvideos and Pornhub starring in hundreds of adult videos even with her own IMDB page. She is for all intents and purposes the real deal. Extremely intelligent no non sense, no bullshit kind of woman. Crowned Adultworks Performer of the year and recently featuring in Adultwork.com magazine and starring in the UKs Channel 4s My Phone Sex Secrets.


There is no denying Amica is part of Adultworks history from being an original member, a live desktop animation girl, plastered all over the site and on the recently launched AW Developers site.

The spectacular 14 year run though has came to its end. As the EU recently put GDPR into legislation and Adultworks commitment to following the law means the group has announced its no longer taking on new members and is releasing its membership to become a limited entity on Adultwork. The group will only exist going forward to serve its original purpose, to make it easier for Amica to maintain her profile on Adultwork.