June 4, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Introducing Romanian Webcam Model Selena Martinez

webcam model interview selena martinezSelena Martinez, 34, Romania


Main site I work on: LiveJasmin.com


Personal website : www.selenamartinez.org




Selena’s Start in the Adult Industry


I started working in this industry about 3 years ago, in 2013. I decided to quit my job as a mass media showbiz reporter at a tabloid due to fact that my payments were very low, under 500 euro per month, and my bills and my rent for my home were bigger than my salary. After 7 years of a boring job, to be a reporter at a Romanian tabloid is something really weird and even nonsense. I decided to take the advice of a very good friend of mine, who told me I should be a cam model.


How Selena Martinez Pays Her Bills


Yes, the income from chat is my only source of payment. I can’t complain, I feel happy with my money. I’m working with Studio 20 for a few months and I managed to increase my income from period to period.


Selena’s Background and Personality


webcam model interview selena martinezAround me, many girls are doing this job. Some of them even deny they still practice this job. I told myself: “If the others can do it, why can’t I?” I’ve never been a shy girl. In my real life I’m exactly the way I am on cam, it’s not a role or a mask. In front of the camera I am myself with no hidden sides. I try to keep my face natural, with minimum make up, because in real life I’m exactly like this. Members love me for my natural style and the way I am.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@SelenaMartinezO @Ocamgirl”]Members love me for my natural style and the way I am.[/tweetthis]


Selena’s First Day on Cam


I remember that the first day was very OK for me. I had the luck to start this job at a high class studio in Bucharest, and there were many trainers who took care of me day by day. The first contact with cam was more funny rather than difficult. I was new on that site and there was a big flow of members. I even remember I earned $280 in my first night and I was very happy. I think that the first night or day online is very important in this job, because you can have a good mood or you can feel down. For me, it was a success!


Selena Martinez Shares Her Camming Stories


There are many stories and it’s hard to choose just one. For example, I’m the kind of model who uses toys in private sessions, so members come to me especially for my porn side hahahahaa. I had a member who came to me for a good oil show, fuck and stuff. Some members love my squirts, and so on.


But the most weird experience for me was when a man came into my private room and asked me to create a story, insult and offend his fat wife, treat her like a slave. Of course, she was not there, she was sleeping. And the only thing that made him cum was to imagine her wedding ring in my ass… sounds horrible but is just a scenario. That member was a lawyer in NY and in 2014 he came to me more than 30 times only for this kind of story.


Another guy was French and came to me in private sessions that lasted 1 hour each, only for me to pretend that I’m crying and actually even cry for real while I was saying “coucou daddy je suis la chienne” and nothing more… 1 hour, only these words, with sweet voice or angry voice. And the list could go on…


Selena’s Pros and Cons of Webcam Modeling


[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]I think the first day online is very important in this job, because you can have a good mood or you can feel down.[/tweetthis]


I love the way I learned to smile more than I did before, I love funny guests and funny members who make me feel great online, I love when they are happy only if they see me. To make people happy on sites is one of my purposes. I hate rude guys, who beg for stuff in free chat, and if they don’t obtain it, they insult me… but not all the men are gentlemen and it’s ok.


Selena Martinez’ Niche and Key to Success


webcam model interview selena martinezAs I mentioned before, my porn side is my no. 1 talent that attracts men of all types. My shows involve a lot of action. Every night online for me is like a workout session at the gym. This keeps me in good shape. I’m a curvy model and guys love my ass and the way I know to move it. I’m very proud of my physical resistence and resources. Not every girl can resist and not get tired like I do.. hehe. But this is just my way of being.


Camming and Selena’s Personal Relationships


My family knows about my work, most of my friends also. I have around me only open minded people, so I didn’t have to hide my job.


How Camming Has Changed Selena Martinez


It changed me for better as now I give more attention to my body, my beauty routine and so on. I smile more, I see the good side of life and I love it when guys share their life experiences with me. This way I managed to discover my sensual and even sexual side, I learnt to squirt and my members love this. Working online made me learn a lot of stuff, even sexual ones.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@SelenaMartinezO @Ocamgirl”]Every night online for me is like a workout session at the gym.[/tweetthis]


Selena’s Words of Wisdom for New Cam Models


Perseverence, perseverance, perseverance :­)) Be sexy, be a doll and the queen of your own room. Take care of your image, nails, hair and body. Sleep enough. Always smile. Leave your personal problems at home. Forget about your bad day in front of the cam.


Thank you, Selena!

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