June 4, 2023

O Camgirl

The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Introducing Raven, European Skype Model

Raven, 25, Mediterranean coast


interview skype european modelMy name is Raven. I live in Europe, Mediterranean coast at the moment. Enjoying summer.


Raven’s Start in the Camming Industry


The site I started on was Streamate. I guess I could still call it my favourite if I had to choose between “big box sites.” Now I’m mostly performing on Skype, and my short term goal is completely switching to “indie” modeling.


How Raven Pays Her Bills


I’ve been a cam model for the last 3 years, and modeling has been my main and only source of income since then.


Raven’s Background and Personality Led to Camming


I never was a shy type of person, or had too many insecurities. When I came to the point where I got really tired of my “vanilla” job and having my life built around it, the logical thing was to find something that would allow me to set my own schedule, work when I want, as much as I want. And that’s what I found in this job.


Raven’s Niche and Secret to Success


I started with “vanilla” shows, never was a fan of anything hard core, and soon realised fetish shows are something that really suit me and my dominant personality. So now I’m offering both “vanilla” and fetish sessions.


Webcam Modeling and Raven’s Personal Relationships


So far modeling hasn’t caused any problems in my personal life. Only a close circle of people know what I do, but they are perfectly fine with it. It’s a job like any other, except I get to have more fun than I would sitting in an office 9-5.


Raven’s Words of Wisdom for New Cam Models


The advice I’d give to girls or guys thinking of getting into modeling is to do their research. There are really good and helpful forums with all you need to get started. But don’t overthink things – just give it a go and you’ll soon find out if this job suits you or not.


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Thank you, Raven!

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