June 3, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Introducing Nina Chrome, Webcam Model

Nina Chrome, 19, USA. Right now I’m mainly on Streamate and occasionally Cam4.


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Nina Signed Up to Become a Camgirl on Her 18th Birthday!

I started camming almost a year ago now. I signed up for a few sites the day of my 18th birthday. It took me 4 days to start actually camming – partly because of the verification process, and partly because I was intensely nervous and kept putting it off. For a few years I’d had older friends who cammed, and from the first time talking about it with one of them I knew I wanted to try it, at the very least.


How Nina Pays the Bills

Camming is my main source of income. I can’t actually imagine myself at a vanilla job.


Nina’s Background and Personality Come¬†Together in Camming

When I was about 13 I got really into radical feminism, read about it constantly. That was my first introduction to the idea of sex work as something that could be positive instead of weird or shameful. At around the same time, I started developing a concept of what was “kinky” and identifying more and more with that. the psychology behind kinks, all the inner workings of these intense emotional states, became pretty fascinating to me, as someone who was too young to partake and could only analyze it to death…It all added up to me becoming more and more interested in sex work and later, camming in particular.


Psyching Herself Up For That First Day on Cam

Technically I’m still in my first year of camming! 11 months now. My very first day on cam I mostly remember sitting around for about 2 hours all made up before starting. I had to psych myself up to hit the start button. I also remember being soooo glad I did my research beforehand, because at least 3 guys tried to pull really ambitious scams and I only recognized it because I’d been looking at forums for weeks! But I also remember getting off cam that night coming down from adrenaline and just sort of riding that buzz to sleep while thinking “I could do this for a while…”


[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]I’ve learned to pace myself to put as much of myself as possible into the world without getting burnt out.[/tweetthis]


Nina’s Favorite Sessions

My favorite and most memorable sessions are with customers who have really specific kinks, who want a very particular fantasy. Figuring out the boundaries of people’s imaginations to really make a show personal and blow their minds is both really relaxing and exciting. Kink and sex work is one of my number one artistic outlets.


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What Nina Loves and Hates About Being a Camgirl

My favorite part about camming is both how it’s allowed me to work around my mental health issues, by choosing when and how I work, and how it pushes me to work harder. There are so many outlets for exploration in the camming world, I never feel limited in what I can be doing. What I hate is the stigma-on a personal level, but also how having your work devalued as “not really work” or “not respectable” affects how I have to do the work itself.


Nina’s Niche and Secret to Success

Choosing a “niche” to claim is tricky for me. I’m a switch, who sometimes enjoys vanilla play, with a huge variety of kinks. That’s a lot to narrow down into a single label! But fetish work is definitely where my heart is. Vanilla stuff is fun but I just don’t bring the same kind of intensity to it that I do with kinky shit. I think (hope!) that a lot of my customers appreciate me and come back because they see and enjoy that.


Camming and Nina’s Personal Relationships

I’m pretty out to most of the people in my life- even if I weren’t a camgirl, I probably wouldn’t choose to have people in my life who felt biased against us.


[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]even if I weren’t a camgirl, I probably wouldn’t choose to have people in my life who felt biased against us.[/tweetthis]


Nina Shares More About Her Camming Experience

I’ve learned a lot while camming- doing this for a living forced me to confront my executive function disorder, for instance. It taught me how to take creative ideas and apply them to a practical product- as a painter this has been invaluable to me. I’ve learned to pace myself so I’m able to put as much of myself as possible out into the world without getting burnt out. On the other hand, I definitely have a lot less patience; I want to make everything happen on my own and instantly now.


Words of Wisdom for New Camgirls

I’d say if you’re thinking about becoming a webcam model, research it. Do you want the job of being a camgirl, or do you just want a lifestyle you imagine goes with it? There is no lifestyle, and the job is tough, will take a lot of your time, and probably wear you out from time to time. It’s also creative, flexible, and will teach you a lot about people. If after paying attention to the good and bad for a while, it still appeals, try it out.


In Closing

Camming is hugely important to me, and it helped me out of a rough time in my life. Not that it’s a cure-all or empowering for every woman, but for me personally it taught me a lot of lessons I waited way too long to learn.


Thanks Nina!

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