June 4, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Introducing Minnie, Over 10 Years Professional Webcam Model

minnie camgirl

Model name: Minnie
Age: 30
Location: Canada
Cam sites: I work on Streamate and Cams.com


Minnie’s Early Start to Camming


I started as a cam girl March 18, 2003. I answered an ad in the local alternative paper. It was an opportunity to live and work as a cam model. I had just turned 18 years old and just freshly dropped out of high school – it was the perfect chance to get out there on my own.  I was forcibly confined but I made the most out of it.


How Does Minnie Pay the Bills?


Camming is my main source of income.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@OCamgirl, @Minnieoncam”]What I love about camming is that I am able to control my time and my money.[/tweetthis]


Where Webcam Modeling Fits into Minnie’s Path


Being a webcam model was one stumbling block I came across while I was on my journey to get into the porn industry.


minnie.ocamgirlFirst Time Top Model


I remember the first time I was listed as top model on cams.com. I didn’t really know it would change anything for me until the next time I logged on and the traffic in my room just exploded. I was working ridiculous long hours and it took a lot out of me to keep up the momentum.


Minnie’s Webcam Modeling Story


When I started camming I was also held captive. The same place I was working from home was also a place I had very little freedom. In that time I got really close with one of my webcam chatters. He was in my room every day and got to see me at my best and also at my worst. He became my ally and helped me when I needed him the most. I was in communication with him for about 3 years until I got my own place.


What Minnie Loves and Hates About Camming


What I love about camming is that I am able to control my time and my money. What I hate about camming is that you feel like you’re in a rat wheel  – if you are not in front of the camera then you are not able to make money. These days I am pursuing other ways to work from home and not be tied to being physically present to earn a living.


Minnie’s Niche and Secret to Success


I think what makes me successful is that I am able to stick with being a cam model for over 10 years. I consider my niche ebony English speaking model.


Camming and Minnie’s Personal Life


Being a cam model only plays a factor in my day to day life because it is one method of how I earn a living. As for friends and family, they know what I do and their opinions about it are just their opinions. I am at the point where I am in full control of my life and I live it on my own terms.


minnie.ocamgirl3Has Camming Changed Minnie?


Being a cam model hasn’t changed me – it just showed me that I am able to make a living outside of societal norms and live my life comfortably.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@minnieoncam”]I am at the point where I am in full control of my life and I live it on my own terms. [/tweetthis]


Minnie’s Advice for Finding Work After Camming


Leaving camming to pursue another career path can honestly be a little scary if you do not have a plan. You want to be prepared for the change. Have an idea of what you want to do outside of camming and what it will take to get there. If you are going back into the job market you will want a current resume – having huge gaps in your resume can sometimes be difficult to explain to a new employer. You want to be always learning new skills and try volunteer opportunities if you can. It will help keep you connected to social circles and could possible open doors for you.


Words of Wisdom for New Cam Girls


If you are just starting out being a cam girl and you are ready to log on to your cam site and broadcast, I say about 30 days to 90 days of consistently being online. You should be able to see results if being a cam girl is right for you.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@OCamgirl, @Minnieoncam”]You should be able to see results if being a cam girl is right for you.[/tweetthis]


Thank you, Minnie!

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