March 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Introducing Junior Steele, Male Webcam Model

junior steele male webcam modelJunior Steele, 22, Leeds UK


Main site I work on: Adultwork


How Junior Steele Got Started in the Adult Industry


I started in the industry with my now fiance around 2 years ago, we did it on and off simply for a bit of fun and to just see what it was all about. I lost my job last year and turned to it full time. After seeing the potential before, my fiance then decided to quit her job so we could both pursue full time in the industry. We’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit and always wanted to be our own boss. If you ask me, it was the best thing that’s ever happened.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@JuniorSteele_ @OCamgirl”]If you ask me it was the best thing that’s ever happened.[/tweetthis]


How Junior Pays the Bills


Camming is my main source of income, along with video sales. Some weeks I earn a good income, some weeks slow. I guess it’s to be expected in this field but there’s always ways to recover on bad weeks.


How Junior’s Background Led to Camming


I came from a fairly average background, grew up with a single mum and saw her struggles. I’ve always wanted the best for myself and wanted a comfortable lifestyle. Not necessarily a lavish lifestyle but one where money is never an issue. Quite a bit stemmed from my friends growing up too, they always settled for being ‘just ok’ and that was never enough for me. As stated before, losing my job drove me to this. I can travel, earn as much or as little as needed, also the people in the industry are quite interesting.


Junior Steele’s First Day on Cam


First time ever I cammed, I got some strange requests, learned things that I didn’t even know existed. At the end of the week, looked at how much I’d earned and wondered why we had never done it sooner.


Junior Shares an Interesting Session


This was around 2 months ago actually, gentleman came into private and asked for me to be tied up and blindfolded, I was like ok (seems original). Then he proceeded to ask my fiance to tickle my feet (I’m quite ticklish on my feet). As you can imagine I was bouncing all over kicking my legs. He then asked her to slowly and passionately lick them, moving from my feet all the way up to my face. We’ve never done anything like that (with feet that is). Got to say it felt actually quite relaxing. There’s a lot more to the story but it gets a bit explicit.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@JuniorSteele_ @OCamgirl”]It’s safe to say nothing really shocks me anymore.[/tweetthis]


What Junior Steele Loves About Camming


I love the fact you meet new people every day. You can work as little or as much as you want. Another thing I love is the interesting stories you hear from customers. Like there’s some stuff you didn’t know existed.


Junior’s Niche and Common Requests


A common one for me and my partner is BBC interracial (I’m half caribbean). We get a fair few people wanting cuckolding. We don’t specialize in it but we know how to have fun with it.


Webcam Modeling and Junior’s Personal Life


I’m pretty open with our sex life anyway, but I haven’t told family and friends. If they find out, then so be it. But it’s not something I would just blurt out.


How Being a Camboy Has Changed Junior Steele


It’s made me be more open minded. It’s safe to say nothing really shocks me anymore.


What Junior’s Working on Right Now


In my spare time, I’m a big gamer and computer geek. I’m actually working on a bitcoin processing system for models to accept bitcoin as a form of payment and an easy way to cash out for them.


Junior’s Words of Wisdom for New Webcam Models


Like anyone that’s wanting to be their own boss, be consistent and power through those rough times. I see it on twitter all the time with quite a lot of cam girls struggling to pay bills. But they don’t help themselves by complaining about it. Every site is different, every site has a different clientele. If you’re only on one site, and expect to make a true living then you’re in for a shock. It’s the same in any business/industry except YOU are your business. If I saw a business complaining on twitter, I personally wouldn’t buy from them. Professionalism is key. We’re adults, so be an adult. I have helped several models with advice and tips from my experience and my fiances experience. There is tons of cam models out there so stand out, stay strong, and be unique.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@JuniorSteele_ @OCamgirl”]Be consistent and power through those rough times.[/tweetthis]


Thanks, Junior!
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