June 4, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Introducing Indigo Allegra, Fetish Webcam Model

Indigo Allegra


I am 27 years old. I work on Streamate and can also be found on CamModelDirectory and my ModelCentro site: indigoallegra.modelcentro.com


fetish webcam model indigo allegraIndigo Allegra’s Start in the Industry


I started about three and a half years ago. My good friend Dr. Dom was working in the cam industry and one day asked me if I would like to sign up as a model. He explained to me how it worked, and I was so intrigued I decided to give it a try.


How Indigo Pays The Bills


Camming isn’t my main source of income. I have a full time job as a cook which I greatly enjoy. I cam on the side as a way of making extra money and to indulge in my kinky fantasies. I have been thinking lately of a way that I can combine the two. I think there may be some naked chef videos on my website soon 😉


Camming: The Perfect Outlet For Indigo’s Personality


I have always been a very sexually open person and into exploring and trying new things. I love talking to different types of people, learning what makes them happy, why they enjoy what they enjoy. I also love to help people realize their desires and turn fantasy into reality. Camming is the perfect outlet for all of these things.


fetish webcam model indigo allegra[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@IndigoAllegra”]I also love to help people realize their desires and turn fantasy into reality.[/tweetthis]


Indigo’s First Days on Cam


I remember being nervous on my first day right before I signed on to start my first show. I texted Dr. Dom and was like, “Oh no! What if no one likes me? What if no one wants to pay to see me perform?” He responded, “Don’t worry. Just be yourself and you’ll be fine!”


What I remember about the first week/month of work was how much my clients enjoyed just talking to me. They really appreciated when I remembered details that they told me about their lives and remembered details about our private shows. At the end of the first year I was thinking to myself, “Yeah, I can do this!”


Not All Requests Are Made… Possible


One of the most interesting things are the seemingly random requests I have gotten. I remember one guy asking if I could fuck my ass while sucking on my toe and holding my other foot up to the webcam. All at once. That was one I couldn’t fulfill, but I really hope he found someone who could!


What Indigo Loves and Hates About Camming


What I love about camming is that I get to be as kinky and sexual as I want and I get paid to do it! LOL. I get to meet new people, make new friends and help people reach their sexual desires.


What I hate are the infrequent times when I run into a guy who doesn’t seem to realize that while I am here for fun, I am also here to work. While I am on cam, this is my job and I take it very seriously. Most of the guys know this, but there are always one or two who want me to perform for free and that’s not happening! Everyone has bills to pay. Camming is how we pay ours.


[tweetthis]What I love about camming is that I get to be as kinky and sexual as I want and I get paid to do it![/tweetthis]


Indigo’s Niche and Secret to Success


My niche would be fetish work. I absolutely LOVE IT! I believe what makes me successful in it is the fact that it was a big part of my sex life before I started camming. I’ve explored and indulged in fetishes for years so there’s very little that I haven’t heard about or that shocks me. Knowledge is power and I make a point to know as much as possible about the different fetishes I cater to. I don’t do anything that I am uncomfortable with and I know it shows when I give a show.


Camming and Indigo’s Personal Relationships


I live alone, so I have the freedom to cam when I want without worrying about anyone walking in on me or having to work around someone else’s schedule. Some of my close friends do know that I cam and it hasn’t really affected our relationship. They know what a perv I am so they aren’t surprised!


indigo allegra webcam model camgirlHow Camming Has Changed Indigo Allegra


I think it has changed me for the better in that I have gained even more confidence and have been able to discover new aspects of my own personality. I also get great ideas from my clients sometimes about things I can try in the bedroom on my off hours. The men in my life have been very appreciative so it’s also changed my sex life for the better!


Models are Colleagues, Not Competition

[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@IndigoAllegra”]A wonderful part of my experience as a webcam model has been meeting/networking with other models. [/tweetthis]


A wonderful part of my experience as a webcam model has been meeting and networking with other webcam models. The idea that we are all in competition with one another is so opposite of the truth! It is so awesome to help one another and be support for one another. After all, no one is going to understand the cam girl struggle like another cam girl! Having someone who can relate to your joys and your frustrations helps so much. I love talking to webcam models who have been doing this for years longer than I have and hearing their experiences. I also like being able to give advice to those just starting out. Some of my best support has com from other cam models.


Indigo’s Words of Wisdom for New Cam Models


Advice that I would give to anyone considering becoming a webcam model would be Dr. Dom’s advice to me: be yourself! You may not think that you would be what someone is looking for, but I have found that everyone is what someone is looking for. There are so many people with such varied tastes; you will find a following.


Also, confidence is so important! If you don’t believe that you are sexy and worth spending time and money on, no one else will either. A big part of this job is marketing. Talk yourself up, put yourself out there, promote yourself! This is not a job where you need to worry about modesty. Let people know why you are what they want.


Also, expect the unexpected! You never know what you are going to encounter from one day to the next. This job will definitely keep you on your toes.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@IndigoAllegra”]I have found that everyone is what someone is looking for.[/tweetthis]



For updates on solo shows, my couples shows with Dr. Dom, website updates and other kinky things I’m up to, follow me on Twitter @IndigoAllegra


Thank you Indigo!