March 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Introducing Electra Switch, Alternative Fetish Cam Girl

alternative fetish cam girl interview

Electra Switch, 37

New England, US

I am an independent cam girl ( but am also on Streamate and amateur at Manyvids. Various social networking sites lead to me, most notably, my Tumblr, WordPress, and Twitter.


Electra’s Early Start in the Adult Industry


I was 18 and began doing peep show in an adult movie/toy store- which reminds me the most of what I currently do as a webcam performer. It is going on 2 years of my beginning to cam after an elongated break from the adult biz, after having my first child. Prior to that, you could say it was a lifestyle- one that I took on the road as a dancer with various gothic/dominatrix theme shows, did performance art and burlesque in fetish clubs and other fun venues, worked in dungeons/salons and made money as a model in that genre off and on.


I am grateful to be able to return to this line of work without having to do the club hustle or even leave my house. Technology and social networking have vastly improved since I last did webcam in the late 90’s and it seems to be as easy to make a decent income online rather than travel to have to do so. I enjoy being in this field even more nowadays. I am older, wiser and more able to be astute and competent in my business and with how I make money, am quite over the histrionics and hustle of the club scene. In my 20’s I poured my heart into the artistry and experience of my adventures as a performer on the road and my theme shows. I would blow money irresponsibly and revere in doing so (and am glad I got to live as such for a time and to the envy of others!) …but today I am grateful to have a job where I can utilize everything that I learned my many years in the sex business prior in a responsible way. I always thought it was a shame to keep my sex biz past hidden in more traditional jobs, when there are many aspects that would make me an ideal employee in many fields.


How Does Electra Pay Her Bills?


[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]I can easily make more money working 10 hours a week than I did working 40+ as a health care professional.[/tweetthis]


Camming is my main source of income and because I can make decent money in a short amount of time, it allows me to pursue other money making and volunteer ventures for causes I care about- as well as have time to keep up my home and spend quality time with my children, not have to beg some douchelord boss to get out early to attend one of their events. When I am on my game and in hustle mode, I can easily make more money working 10 hours a week than I did working 40+ as an experienced health care professional. Just like I wouldn’t take back by wild romp through the adult business in my 20’s, I also would never wish to take back my 5+ years in more traditional work, though underpaid and overworked. It makes having my own business as a camgirl that much more delicious..


Electra’s Background and Personality Come Together in Camming


The main reason I found the adult business so appealing is because- it is a paying gig in entertainment, essentially. I live for taking the stage, ever since I knew how to walk, always been into theater, singing in bands, anything performance oriented. Ever since I was a little girl, the idea of being assimilated into some meaningless, mundane job filled me dread and being a cam girl is anything but that! As much of an extrovert as I am, I also appreciate the deeply personal moments that can only be shared in exploring one’s sexuality. I feel privileged in getting to see the hidden sides of humanity, and in being a confidant for those who are afflicted by their sexuality. I see myself as a healer for many and cannot think of a more important job than allowing people to live their nature in a way that can only be accessed by expressing their sexual urges, which I have found is uncomfortable for a lot of people.


electra fetish webcam model interview[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]I was gleeful to see all the different styles represented by the girls- all ages, body types, gimmicks…[/tweetthis]


Upon returning to camming, I was gleeful to see all the different styles represented by the girls- all ages, body types, gimmicks… seemed to me that there was something for everyone, which is not reflected in your typical mainstream strip club or in older third party cam girl sites. In the past, it was harder to make money doing strictly fetish but today- I have no shortage of eager clientele. Vanilla types pop in sometimes and ask me for anal- I just let them know that I am the giver not the receiver, and it is cleared up with little effort as a slew of bitchboys scramble to take me private. 😉


Electra’s Favourite Types of Clients


I appreciate the strangest of the strange and call forth the freakiest of the freaks- they are who I treasure the most, and they come to me in droves. I normally pride myself in my knowledge of fetishes and kink but have been caught off guard by some who seem to require especially passionate and in depth roleplays about some unusual things. My favorites are the eloquent writer types who have me add to their stories, most notably the “transformation fetishists” who like stories about body parts and scenery shifting and changing magically (giantess fits into this as well- roleplaying a witch who shrinks the man) and tales of being a succubus- draining the life force from the man sexually and describing it in detail, sometimes having them perform rituals to summon me. One thing that blew my mind coming into this again, is how many totally heterosexual men worship cock, or want to hear stories about their wives doing so. Nothing is more fascinating to me than sexual psychology. It never ceases to amaze me how creative people can get in breaking forth from the shackles of social norms and boredom.


What Electra Loves & Hates About Being a Webcam Model


Autonomy as a business owner is the biggest pro but it can be a hefty con if your time management skills are not so great. At times, it is too easy to slack with the hustle game and say, “Oh, I will be lazy today and make up for it tomorrow,” which doesn’t always go as planned. The biggest con I’ve found, is not being able to share with others what I do due to stigmas about sex workers. I am quite proud of my business but hesitate to tell people just what it is I do and end up lying about how I make a living “working from home”.


Electra’s Niche and Secret to Success


This is how I describe myself in a nutshell on my Twitter page (@electraswitch): “Alt/Fetish Cam Girl. FemDom/Humiliatrix Extraordinaire. Insatiable Succubus. Vulgar & Elegant/Dazzles & Horrifies.” I shine within my niche because I am absolutely sincere and a truly experienced Dominatrix- not just playing one to make money. My clients are aware that it isn’t just a game to me and I truly respect and appreciate them, as much as they want me to humiliate and degrade them. 😉 I have stated countless times, “I may be cruel but I am not unethical.”


Camming and Electra’s Personal Relationships


Everyone that knows me truly, knows what I do, and have done throughout my life in the adult business to make money. Obviously, my children have no clue and I do not cam when they are in the house at all- I exclusively work during the day or nights when they are having a sleepover elsewhere (easy enough to get guys on their lunch breaks during the day). I don’t like lying to people about what I do for work but fortunately, I also do other jobs I can mention as not to be completely full of shit. 😉


How Webcam Modeling Has Affected Electra


It has changed me by allowing me to run my life on my terms, make my own schedule, decide when and how I work. I feel like I have time for more things that matter to me in life.


Electra’s Words of Wisdom for New Camgirls


[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]Only do what YOU want to do- this is YOUR show and YOU run it.[/tweetthis]


Most important thing I think every new girl starting off needs to know is- Only do what YOU want to do- this is YOUR show and YOU run it. For every guy that tries to get you to go beyond your limits or tries to freeload, there are 10 more who will happily shower you in money for being yourself on your own terms. In the same respect, don’t feel shame or guilt if you go beyond them time to time as well, or establish new ones. As performers, it is ok to change and evolve.


Thank you, Electra!

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