June 4, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Introducing Ava Lynne, Webcam Model & Full Time College Girl

Hi! I’m Ava Lynne. I’m 20 years old and from Florida. I model on Streamate. I can sometimes be seen on Chaturbate (rarely).


I am pretty new to camming; I started a little over a month ago. I was simply doing research because I knew camming was something I was interested in, so I found some discussion blogs (wecamgirls.com, etc) to find the best sites.


How Does Ava Lynne Pay Her Bills?


Camming is definitely where I make MOST of my money. I have a day job but I barely make anything there since I am in school full time. Depending on how much effort I put in (AKA how long and often I go online) I usually make around $1000 a week. Which is amazing for me, because at my day job I would make less than $200 a week.


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Camming To Boost Ava Lynne’s Confidence


Honestly, I grew up being very shy and self-conscious. I don’t know exactly when this changed, but as I got older and moved away from home I started to feel better about myself. I was in a long term relationship that was pretty awful; I felt so suffocated and awful about myself. When I got out of that relationship I starting camming and it instantly made me feel better about myself. It’s amazing how much confidence I have gained from it in such a short period of time!


[tweetthis remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”][Camming] instantly made me feel better about myself. It’s amazing how much confidence I have gained.[/tweetthis]


First Day On Cam – And She’s Hooked


I seriously just jumped right into it. I was nervous on the inside but I refused to let it show. I watched a lot of other girls’ shows before to learn some tips and tricks before I started. On my first day I kinda just went with the flow and it went pretty great! My first week I made about $800 and after that I was hooked! Currently I’m only into my second month camming and it’s still going pretty great! I have some regulars that come back every night and it’s honestly just really fun!


Ava Lynne’s Funny Fetish Session


So on my first day actually, I had a pretty funny experience. I suppose it was similar to a “medical fetish” situation, as I am still trying to learn and understand all the different types of fetishes. But… A guy paid me my rate of 5.99 per minute for 20 minutes to calmly but assertively whisper “Shhhhh” and “It’ll be okay [insert guy’s name here].”


He was pretending that I was his nurse trying to give him a shot but he didn’t want it. He didn’t ask me to take my clothes off, and he just kept writing back “Nooo!” “I don’t want to!” “Noooooo!”


What Ava Lynne Loves & Hates About Being A Camgirl


I love the people. I seriously haven’t come across anyone mean or nasty yet! I had one cheapo simply say I wasn’t worth my price, however everyone else is simply SO nice! I love knowing there are usually always guys/girls online that want to talk to me and have fun.


I feel like this might sound strange to some people, and I suppose it’s because I’m an anxious person, but I dislike the feeling of always having something to do. Many people probably would enjoy this. However, I enjoy the feeling of being able to relax and have nothing to worry about (probably from the massive amounts of homework I get weekly haha). But now that I cam, I feel like there’s always something more productive I could be doing with my time, and I shouldn’t be chilling on the couch – I should be online!


And the nights when I CAN’T cam (aka that time of the month or when I’m just sick) it’s even worse! I feel so anxious all week about not being able to get online and make my customers happy! But I think I’ll get over this soon! lol.


Ava Lynne’s Secrets to Success


I don’t have any specific style. I like to explore everything that others are interested in, however I think I do a good job at getting to know my customers and remembering them. I can tell that they like that I remember their names and truly appreciate that they come see me every night. I also do a nightly voyeur shower show that a lot of regulars love to come see! The college girl persona seems to be what a lot of customers are into. They love to talk about my classes and such.


Camming and Ava’s Personal Relationships


My family doesn’t know I do this, as I live hours away from home now. I’ve told 2 friends (1 is even now starting camming) and they think it’s pretty cool and don’t judge me at all. They’re usually just really curious haha! The only effect it has had is that I’m a little busier than I used to be! I don’t go out as much as I’d rather be at home chatting and making money with my customers!


How Camming Has Changed Ava Lynne


Webcam modeling has changed me significantly as I am 100000 X more confident now!! Before camming I didn’t really like my body. I felt insufficient compared to a lot of my friends as I am a petite girl. However all the people to compliment me and simply love my body for the way it is made me realize how beautiful I am, and that I don’t have to look like Miss Bombshell Blonde Barbie with huge tits to be pretty.


[tweetthis remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]I don’t have to look like Miss Bombshell Blonde Barbie with huge tits to be pretty.[/tweetthis]


Ava’s Words of Wisdom for New Camgirls


This is gonna be cliche but BE YOURSELF!! Talk to your customers and treat them like real people! That’s why these people are on these webcam sites, because it’s real people they can actually talk to. The nicer you are to them the more generous and nice they will be to you!


Thank you, Ava Lynne!

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