March 26, 2023

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OCamgirl Interviews Chaturbate Model HellCat6869 [Video]

Angeleke “Hellcat6869”
44, West Virginia Chaturbate

Jonathan: Hi this is Jonathan with O Camgirl. Today I’m with Hellcat6869, a webcam model from West Virginia.


How long have you been working in the adult industry, and what drew you into it?


Angeleke: I got into it almost a year ago. I got curious about it because I had a friend who was doing it, and she told me it could be a lot of fun. I was having issues with my own sexuality so I figured it would be helpful to experiment, so to speak. It became helpful because I had my own issues about masturbation, touch and play, and it opened my mind.


Jonathan: Is the adult entertainment industry your main source of income? If not, what is?


Angeleke: No it is not. I do it part time when I’m able to. I’m a manager of a retail chain, and I do modeling. I do multiple photo shoots. So I try to balance all three when I have time.


Jonathan: What do you love and what do you hate about webcam modeling?


Angeleke: I love the fact that I can express myself completely. When I’m in my room I do games, I have trivia, I have fun, I dance… I mean, it’s like my world that I’ve created that I can control completely and, you know, there’s not many opportunities in life when you can control everything completely.
[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@hellcat6869″]Each person has their world. They can control it, they just need to learn how.[/tweetthis]
The things I hate are what I like to call the “monsters” out there, and some of their sick requests like bestiality, urine… I mean some of the requests are almost mind-blowing disgusting, I’m like “How are you a human being?” That’s a big, big con for me.


Jonathan: Like bestiality, piss play, scat play – that’s all against Chaturbate’s terms of service.


Angeleke: Yeah, I mean there’s rules on every site. I’ve been on a few. It still doesn’t stop them from asking or wanting to role play and I’m just like “No”. A lot of times I’ll kick them out and report them, and it helps. It’s my room. Each person has their world. They can control it, they just need to learn how.


Jonathan: How does the work you do factor into your every day life and relationships with family and friends?


Angeleke: As far as my normal modeling job, they do not know. And same with my retail job, they do not know.


Now my family and my friends, they do know. I am a completely honest person. I share everything- I mean, I don’t share the details of what goes on. They are supportive. They love me, I love them, and they support me 100%.


Jonathan: How has being a webcam model changed you or your perspective?


Angeleke: It has changed me tremendously. I came from a “normal, vanilla” world to… I’m more open about meeting new people in everyday life, and things I did not understand I’m starting to understand. And it has changed me, I think, for the better. I know that sounds kind of weird because it is what it is, but in actuality it has, because it got me to open up completely in so many areas of my life.


Jonathan: How would you describe your personality and how has it influenced your work as a webcam model?


Angeleke: My personality is very colourful, outside and in. I am a spitfire that likes to have fun. I giggle, I dance, I wiggle. I mean, I treat people – if you’re nice to me, I will be nice to you. And I have not had too many negative things, but I’ve dealt with and tried to be a professional about it. I’m a unique individual.


Jonathan: What’s the most important piece of advice you would give to someone considering becoming a webcam model?


Angeleke: Do your research, number one. That’s what I did. When I first started thinking about doing it I went on as a customer, I participated in tipping and privates. They would answer my questions – I’d ask questions, some would answer and some wouldn’t. And be yourself. It’s your world that you create, but in all actuality it’s not just the physical flesh that is an attraction but it’s also how you connect with that person or persons. And they will return. If you’re honest and upfront and you’re just like “Hey, this is me. Take me as I am or bye Felicia.”


Thanks, Angeleke!

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