March 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Interview with Webcam Model Jasminum

Jasminum adult performer interviewJasminum, 22

Preferred sites: MyDirtyHobby, Visit-x and Skyprivate


Jasminum Meets the Adult Entertainment Industry


I found out about camming when I was still at school, back in 2012. It was a great opportunity to work part-time from the comfort of my bedroom so I gave it a try and got into the swing of it. In 2014 I decided to take a break and find a ‘proper’ job. This year I came back and I feel that I made a good decision. Recently I started doing Skype shows as well.


Jasminum’s First Day on Cam


I was stressed and excited. Who isn’t on their first day in the new job? 🙂 I’d read almost everything that I could about camming, how the cam sites work, how to spot common scams. I’m really grateful to camgirls who share their experiences with others. It’s really helpful if you’re just starting out or even later, when you may consider yourself as an experienced camgirl.


Pros and Cons of a Career on Cam


It can be hard to be your own boss at the beginning. I love the fact that I can set my own hours and work from home but it’s sometimes hard to motivate myself to get to work, instead of watching cat’s videos 🙂


I meet lots of nice people online but I keep in mind that there still is sex worker stigma in the society.


And, last but not least, me and thousands of other girls/men/couples got recorded and posted on pirate sites which owner does not care about DMCA take downs. Some of them aren’t even aware that those recordings exist.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@jasmin_cam @ocamgirl”]Remember that the Internet never forgets.[/tweetthis]


Camming and Jasminum’s Personal Relationships


Good question, as it is important to me and many girls out there. After reading some other camgirls’ stories I know that I’m lucky one because my family and close friends know that I’m a camgirl and they understand that I’m the only person who can decide what I want to do in my life. We support each other, no matter what. Actually, they enjoy the fact that I have more time for them than I had in my previous jobs 🙂


How Being an Adult Performer Has Changed Jasminum


I’m definitely more confident. When I started camming back in 2012 I was insecure about my appearance. Probably we all have been there. But as more people told me that they like the way I look, I thought ‘f#ck it, why should I care about hurtful words coming from one person, if tens of others tell the opposite?’.


Words of Wisdom for Those New to the Industry


First of all, do your research to find out as much as you can before your first day on cam. And please, don’t think camming is easy money or an easy job in general – it is not. Many girls give up camming after first month because they were lured by promise of earning thousands of dollars without any effort. You have to work and promote yourself really hard if you want to get the results.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@jasmin_cam”]And please, don’t think camming is easy money or an easy job in general – it is not.[/tweetthis]


Secondly, think about your future. These days companies have more capabilities to do the background check. If you know you want to apply for some position that requires screening (e.g. teacher), don’t even start or beware that you may get rejected. Even if there isn’t any ‘official’ proof of your past as a camgirl, remember that the Internet never forgets.


Also, think through the danger of being outed to your friends and family. Some of them put less value on people involved in adult industry. Are you ready to deal with it?


Last but not least, have fun and be yourself. Don’t try to copy top models in everything they do.


Thank you, Jasminum!

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