June 4, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Video Interview with Chaturbate Model: Tabby Kat, 24, USA

Tabby Kat, 24, USA Chaturbate


Hi! I’m Tabby from TabbyKatCafe! I’m 24 years old, from the Pacific Northwest. You can find me on Chaturbate, ManyVids, and Twitter @TabbyKatCafe!


How long have you been camming and how did that start for you?


I’ve been camming for just under a year now. I got my start -originally I was looking into being a stripper and working in the clubs, when a friend of mine who kind of dabbled in the industry suggested that I research being a camgirl. So I went online and I did a bunch of research and I absolutely fell in love with the concept. It’s been such an amazing adventure and I’ve had so much fun along the way.


What do you love about camming?


Just like any job there are a lot of pros and cons to being a camgirl. Some of the pros include:


  • getting to set my own hours
  • getting to wear pretty much whatever I want
  • getting to meet some absolutely amazing people…
  • the income generally reflects the work you put into it, so if you put more work into it you generally see more income out of it
  • and I even get to build up my own personal toy box for off cam hours.


What do you hate about camming?


  • Sometimes there can be a few rude customers.
  • Exposure – if you’re not okay with being exposed on the internet this is probably not the route for you.
  • Taxes can be a little confusing the first time through.
  • And there’s no guarantees – sometimes you can be online for 4 hours and make $10 and sometimes you can be online for 4 hours and make $400. It all just depends on the night and the flow of traffic and stuff like that.


How does camming affect your personal life and relationships with family and friends?


Most of my friends don’t know that I’m a camgirl. However the ones that do have been super supportive and amazing. Even my mom knows that I’m a camgirl at the moment. She wasn’t super thrilled at first, but when she’d seen the way it affects me and how positive my attitude is toward it, she’s been on my team every step of the way.


How has camming changed you or your perspective?


Camming has changed my perspective in a lot of ways. Personally I think society has kind of a nefarious view of camming, and view of the adult industry in general, that I just think is absolutely not true. Once you’re in it and once you’ve seen the amazing people and the amazing support, and what it can do for your self esteem, and what it can do for your personality, it’s really a wonderful industry and it’s a wonderful way to work. It’s just phenomenal, I love it. I love it so much. It makes me super happy.


What advice would you offer someone considering becoming a cam model?


Do your research! And the second most important thing would be to find a support network. Because there have been days when I’ve just been down in the dumps and totally not optimistic, and my support network has been there to get me back on track and get me going.


Anything else you’d like to share?


Currently, I’m working on building up my Twitter following and having my Twitter interact with more of my shows which is super exciting. I’m also working on building up my ManyVids library, so that will be expanding soon. And I’m also working on an Etsy store. I want to sell things like personalized nipple clamps and fun little toys like that. So I’m really psyched to get that up and running.


Camming has just been amazing. It has been an amazing influence on my life. I’ve seen myself grow so much as a person through camming, that it’s just amazing. And the girls that I’ve met through camming are also amazing. I’ve made so many friendships that I will just treasure forever, and so many amazing people come and talk to me every day, and I’m ays meeting more. That’s the fantastic thing. It’s all about having fun and chilling out and being bubbly and getting to talk to people and just having a bunch of fun. I absolutely adore it. So thank you for hanging out in my interview, and I hope to see you guys soon in my show! Thank you so much.


Thank you, Tabby!

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