May 28, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Independent Adult Performer and Activist, Anna Cherry

Anna Cherry, 28, Eastern Europe

indie porn star Activist Anna Cherry

Main sites I work on: Streamate ( &


Anna Cherry Meets the Adult Industry


I started working in the adult industry in 2009, beginning with webcam sites and eventually expanding into my own paysite and adult production group. The initial process was very simple — with a little bit of research into highest payout camming websites — we chose one, made up a name for me, and I went to work. And I haven’t looked back since!


How Anna Pays Her Bills


Camming is absolutely my primary form of income, or at least it was until about a year ago when I launched both a paysite and Patreon. Now it is about 50-60% of our total income.


Anna’s Background and Personality Come Together on Cam


The first idea to try camming came up when I was in my second year of college and conventional jobs were not sustainable, in terms of amount of time that I spent at work in my busy university schedule as compared to how much income it earned me. As someone who is neuro-atypical, a lot of the work available to me at the time was not a good fit, making me extremely unhappy and unproductive.


My partner’s (I call him Master or Daddy – he goes by the industry name Richard Rall) and my prerogative was always to devote our time to each other and work together in whatever way possible. We talked about our financial needs and our future and we decided that since we spend a lot of time sexually enjoying each other’s company, and since I have always had an exhibitionist streak a mile wide, that we could give this adult entertainment thing a whirl. I have always really enjoyed sex, male bodies, and wanted simply to provide a window into a bedroom of people with genuine sexual interactions …not the “fake” mainstream porn world, but the hot and raw reality. Our belief that it’s what people truly want to see in their porn, more than glitzy outfits and luxurious locations, was our main driving force and I am happy to say that we were so very right!


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@AnnaCherryOnTop”]I try to avoid vibrators and suggest the same to all owners of a clitoris. [/tweetthis]


Anna Cherry Learning the Cam Business


I do not remember many details, other than realizing that I was a natural at performing, without ever learning or even watching others, and how much I enjoyed providing sexual gratification to men on the scale of hundreds a week. The other memorable element was that as much fun as it was, I was spending 8-10 hours each night without much payoff financially so we found a different site less than 6 months later.


indie porn star Activist Anna Cherry


Anna Handles Trolls Like a Boss


Every webcam girl has encountered the bad spelling and the odd requests or even insults from wannabe customers. Other than my favorite request story of “will you fart on a chocolate cake?”, the most interesting element of camming to me is when I sarcastically put a troll in their place and they go from being hostile to doing everything possible to pay me money to see me naked. The fact that I can cause this kind of transformation with just a little sass and humor has always been very entertaining to me.


What Anna Loves and Hates About Camming


The biggest thing I love about camming is being the cause for boners and explosive cumshots! I love that it doesn’t feel like a job, until it does. Camming, at least the way we do it, is like doing a live concert every night. It requires hours of preparation but most importantly — energy. It is not just nakedness that I provide but also a mood and an escape out of daily drudgery, which means my mental and emotional health is just as important as my physical fitness, and it is not easy to maintain.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@AnnaCherryOnTop” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]It is not just nakedness that I provide but also a mood and an escape out of daily drudgery…[/tweetthis]


Anna Cherry’s Niche and Secret to Success


Other than being truly into sex and men, my niche is genuine orgasms. I never fake, and I don’t need to use vibrators to climax (in fact, I try to avoid them as much as possible and suggest the same to all owners of a clitoris). There is also a bit of a flurry around the shape and length of my feet so foot fetish has become a really big part of my apparent appeal, especially on my latest and most favorite camsite. Another thing is, I started wearing colorful “anime” wigs when I first started camming and that has morphed into cosplay as another passion of mine. It has given rise to a whole side hobby and body of work, although it is not something I do daily for cam viewers but instead create rare and unique cosporn videos.


indie porn star Activist Anna Cherry


How Camming Factors into Anna’s Personal Life


I have a published piece in Jiz Lee’s “Coming Out Like a Pornstar”, as well as in my Cosmopolitan Interview, where I talk about my experience with family and friends. In short, my mother is aware of our work although she may be keeping it secret from my grandparents, stepdad and baby sister. Sometimes I feel brazen and “in your face” and tell random strangers the truth when they ask what I do for a living and, of course, if you are my friend then you also know what I do. It’s not really a secret.. in fact, I believe one of my missions in this life is to normalize and elevate sexuality. Relationship-wise, my partner of 10 years is my co-star (and the only male talent that I have chosen to work with so far, although we both work with other women together or separately) and we often structure our daily schedule entirely around camming.


How Being a Cam Model Has Changed Anna Cherry


One of the first things that Daddy had to teach me was how to ignore or turn around negative comments from viewers. Exposure to people from all walks of life with varied communication skills and abilities has been a really good lesson for compassion and empathy towards others. Doing camming has also effectively launched our career in adult entertainment, cosplay, and even activism because it allowed for growth of a fan base and being a community influencer. Sure, we have some long-term plans that do not revolve around adult work but one of my biggest goals is not just a digital modeling collective and production studio, but an honest-to-goodness cathouse or brothel that I can manage in my later years. In essence, camming really is the first and broadest stepping stone on the road to my future.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@AnnaCherryOnTop”]I believe one of my missions in this life is to normalize and elevate sexuality.[/tweetthis]


Anna’s Words of Wisdom for New Webcam Models


Read “Coming Out Like a Pornstar” (or just my excerpt, found here) because defeating the shaming tactics and hurtful opinions of those closest to you is the absolute first step not just to camming but to individuality and true freedom!


Thank you, Anna!

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