June 4, 2023

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I Have Stretch Marks. Can I Still Be a Webcam Model?

Simoriah Asks:


Hey Cat, I’ve been watching a lot of the girls lately to see if this is something I’d like to do. They all seem so perfect. Great hips, small waist and big boobs. While I’d still like to do it I have to ask about stretch marks and one awful scar I have on my stomach. They don’t bother me so much but will they bother the gentlemen? Think deep depression scar above pubic area. I had a tummy tuck and got necrosis. I haven’t had it revised yet.


Cat Answers:


Hi Simoriah,


It may seem a trite thing to say, but I honestly believe that confidence is sexier than any “great hips.” Your question hits a chord with so many potential camgirls’ fears about a physical flaw, myself included.


As for your stretch marks and scar, you are not alone! So many ladies have expressed similar concerns going into webcam modeling. I solicited some honest feedback from just a few of the ladies over at WeCamgirls. Here’s what they had to say about your situation.


None of us are perfect! We all have marks, scars, sizes that may bother us. But I just wouldn’t focus on it. Depending on the color and contrast, makeup can do wonders.

Attitude trumps everything else. Be positive, sexy… and customers will come.


I am pretty much in the same situation. I worried at first, but in the end it didn’t matter at all.


I was really self conscious of my body before I started camming. I got really bad stretch marks from my pregnancies and I still hate them, but guys either overlook it, or they love them. Of course there will be guys that make fun, but the good guys definitely outweigh the bad ones. I have learned to love my body, flaws and all.


I’m 80 or so pounds overweight and I have stretch marks on my hips and my belly. My belly is also big enough that I am sometimes mistaken for being pregnant. I don’t do mass camming on a site like Streamate, I do individual shows on Skype only. I’m sure on a big site, I’d hear more comments. No one has ever mentioned my stretch marks at all. And I get a decent amount of shows. Including phone sex calls, most days I get 10-20 calls and shows (most are shows). Occasionally someone mentions my belly – but 9 times out of 10, it comes up because the caller LOVES my belly.


One lady made a suggestion that if you are nervous or feeling self conscious about your scar, you could try covering it with sexy clothing until your confidence grows. A corset or waist cincher might help, for example.


The point here is that we all have something that we want to hide about ourselves, but in the end we’ll all find that we didn’t need to hide at all. This I can say from experience as someone with extremely small boobs. I armed myself with padded bras when I first decided to try webcam modeling, but I didn’t need them.


[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]we all have something we want to hide about ourselves, but in the end we all find that we didn’t need to hide at all[/tweetthis]


The gentlemen who are worth your time will not be bothered by your stretch marks or scar.


Thank you for asking your question. I hope this answer is helpful to you. Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns you’d like addressed.