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June 4, 2023

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How To Stay Motivated While Working as a Cam Girl

Staying motivated can be a real bitch. It’s a major problem for webcam models since we are self-employed and largely self-motivated. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help get motivated and stay motivated.


Set Goals and Keep Your Eyes on the Prize


internet modeling motivationYou won’t be able to feel motivated until you know what it is you’re working towards. Step one is deciding on a goal. Are you working towards completing your education, financial independence, or buying a home? This goal-setting can seem daunting at first, but remember that your current goal doesn’t need to be the biggest one.


In fact, for people feeling anxious about the realism of their long-term goal, it’s better to set easy goals to accomplish. This will help you build confidence and momentum so that you’re better prepared to take on the more challenging ones. Also, start by working on one goal at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.


[tweetthis]It’s OK and expected to have bad days. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed in any way.[/tweetthis]


Identify Your Emotional Triggers and Cut Out Negative Influences


Finding your motivation is only the beginning. Disappointment, distractions, and personal bullshit are all things that can stall your momentum and hurt your productivity. Identify the things that are affecting your mood, cognition, and attention to minimize their influence on you. Failing to meet a goal is probably the hardest speed bump to recover from. We have a bad tendency to tie our accomplishments to ourselves as people.


“I’ve failed, so I am a failure. If I am a failure, I cannot succeed.”


Sound familiar? Well, it’s actually okay and totally expected to have bad days. Sometimes you’ll put in the work and come away with less than you expected. It doesn’t mean that you’ve failed in any way – it simply means that it wasn’t a good day. Beating yourself up over that is counterproductive.


You should also stay away from people who put you down or doubt your success. These people are everywhere and very vocal about their uninformed, unwanted opinions. If these people are unavoidable, reframe their negativity with the understanding that they’re just projecting their insecurities onto you.


Don’t Be Drained by Commitments and Distractions


Get rid of any distractions from your workplace. Avoid surfing the internet before you’ve had a chance to start working for the day – we’ve all fallen down the wiki hole at some point.


[tweetthis]Avoid surfing the internet before you’ve had a chance to start working for the day[/tweetthis]


Similarly, complete your most important tasks first so that you’re better able to handle distractions as they come. Consider the impact of your commitments on your mood and energy levels. If you start to feel swamped, weed out some of the lower priority commitments.


internet modeling motivationAnother important strategy is to avoid getting bored. Boredom is an omnipresent productivity killer for pretty much everyone. Be creative and find new ways to do things that advance your goals. For a camgirl, this could be venturing into a new fetish, shaking up your wardrobe, or trying new tipping games in public chat.


Think Positive and Make Yourself Accountable


Another useful strategy is putting yourself, your goals, and your struggles out there for public scrutiny. It’s a lot harder to let yourself fail when other people are holding you accountable.


[tweetthis]It’s a lot harder to let yourself fail when other people are holding you accountable. [/tweetthis]


If you’re the kind of person that would rather play an MMORPG, there’s a perfect tool for you: Habitica.


Here’s the deal: MMORPG games are designed to hook you into a cycle of grinding for resources in order to be able to grind for more resources. Habitica.com and others like it take advantage of this mental weakness and turn it into a motivating tool.


Should all else fail, you can try to manipulate your own flawed psychology. You won’t achieve your goals by Thinking Positive™, but you will find it easier to be motivated. In fact, positive psychology is mostly valuable in terms of motivation – usually in the context of sports psychology – wherein having a positive outlook can enable you to take bigger risks, which can result in bigger payoffs.


Disclaimer: While it’s normal to go through periods of poor motivation, lack of motivation can also be a symptom of physical or mental illness. If these strategies do not help and you are regularly experiencing low energy, sadness, and irregular sleep and eating habits, be sure to speak to a doctor.




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