March 26, 2023

O Camgirl

The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

How to Make Customers See What You Want Them to See

Hello! I’m very excited to try out cam modelling – but I have atrocious teeth. I mean, literally atrocious. They’re all crooked, and definitely not an alright white. I’ve been working on this, but in the meantime, what do I do? Would wearing something like a surgical mask maybe appeal to a certain crowd? I have a good body – but I have an almost exaggeratedly Nordic face. It’s just not really the kind of face I’d like to show off. Is there still hope?



An extremely nervous potential cam girl with god-awful teeth


Dear Potential Cam Girl,


First, I cannot tell you how often I have seen initially insecure girls surpass their self-criticism, take the leap into camming, and come out more confident.


They come to see just how diverse viewers’ preferences are. These preferences are usually in direct opposition to the standard Western ideal of beauty you see portrayed in the media or presented in a mainstream strip club. I believe you will have a similar experience!


Second, I would question just how “atrocious” and “god-awful” your teeth actually are. I know that a lot of women judge themselves very harshly and decry certain traits that go unnoticed by others. “Crooked and stained teeth” doesn’t sound as atrocious as “missing and visibly corroded teeth”. I wonder if you are giving yourself some undeserved grief about your smile and “exaggeratedly Nordic face” as many women tend to about their appearance.


Either way, you are in full control of what your viewers see and there are certainly ways to soften or eliminate traits you find undesirable.


Lighting and camera angling are magical in this effort.

Just as strip clubs of the past used black lights to soften bodily imperfections, you can do the same in the comfort of your personal cam studio. You can get away with a lot more on cam than you could in “real life”.  Guys can’t see that your fancy rhinestone choker is fastened in the back with a trash tie or that your back is bulging out of a tight corset if you don’t show them that angle. A professional spotlight (Cowboy Studio has some great options) and a quick tinker with the contrast, gain, brightness, or color settings on your webcam can hide skin flaws like discoloration or acne. It can even hide stubble on days when you don’t feel like shaving. You can manipulate your environment in a similar way to detract from your teeth.


I like that you are already considering the use of props and costumes for your shows. You are right on to do so!

Certainly, a “doctor” or “nurse” show and accompanying costume to go with a surgical mask would work! The first thing that came to mind when you mentioned your dilemma was a harem girl costume with the lower half of your face adorned in a pretty veil.


make customers see what you want them to see The possibilities are endless with costuming. Look at all the girls who cam in cosplay portraying masked fictional characters! I personally use gloves to hide my hands, as my fingers are visibly marred from compulsive skin picking and it has become a big part in drawing a slew of paying glove fetishists. They are cheap, disposable black medical gloves, but on cam in the spotlight they look like shiny, high fashion Euro fetish garb. I know that dental fetishes are a thing – I did a quick google search and would suggest you do the same. 😉


Another thing you should know is that “point of view” (POV) porn is huge!

There are a slew of viewers who are not interested in a face anyway and prefer extreme close ups of body parts. It ranges from the routine vaginal insertion stuff to more fetishized POV like toes and even arm hair. If you are nervous about your teeth, I would recommend advertising yourself as specializing in POV. Make sure that your camera and lighting accommodate getting up close and personal, including a zoom option. You could even cut your head entirely out of your stream. You wouldn’t be the first cam girl to do so.


As time goes on and you acquire your share of admirers, you could even confess your dental woes to the clients you are most comfortable with. You could potentially set up a fundraiser of some kind to go towards getting your teeth fixed with a reward for those who contribute to it. Despite porn’s unfairly bad reputation, I have met some of the sweetest men as customers who take utmost pleasure in ensuring your happiness. They are quick to foster your confidence however they can and come to utilize cam girls as a means to fulfill their “do-gooder” natures. Confidence overrides any perceived bodily flaws, justified or not, and seasoned camgirl customers realize this.


I hope that my reply encourages you to try camming and join us. Not just to make a profit but to also shatter any unjust criticism you have of yourself. It inevitably seems to do so for all of us. Good luck with your new venture.


And remember – you are not just the star of the show, but also the director. You have the freedom to present yourself however you wish while making money.