March 26, 2023

O Camgirl

The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

How to Build a Cam Site From Scratch

The sex industry is full of profitable opportunities for business-minded adults. Cam modelling itself is just the beginning. There are many avenues for creating income in this industry, specifically the webcam modeling niche – from affiliate marketing and referrals to building your own cam site.


Let’s talk about how to build a cam site.


What you’ll need:


[list][item icon=”fa-square-o” ]Domain name[/item]

[item icon=”fa-square-o” ]Web hosting[/item]

[item icon=”fa-square-o” ]Reliable software[/item]

[item icon=”fa-square-o” ]Billing service[/item]

[item icon=”fa-square-o” ]Marketing plan[/item][/list]


and of course,


[list][item icon=”fa-square-o” ]Models[/item]

[item icon=”fa-square-o” ]Clients[/item][/list]


Finding models and clients used to be a serious conundrum.


How do you find girls to work on a new cam site with little traffic? How do you find traffic to send to a cam site with few models? Without a steady stream of both models and clients, your beautiful new cam site will most likely die.


Fortunately, stepped up with an innovative solution to this problem. In fact, they provide everything you need to start a cam site, including a connection to hundreds of models – with dozens online at any one time. you need is all in one place.


Modelnet also provides web hosting, well-tested software, video and sound streaming capabilities, and billing services. Every by-the-minute chat or tip earned by the model also earns you money.


The service starts at $79/mo, including website hosting.


Modelnet backs you up with design, technical and marketing expertise.


They’ve crafted templates for you that can be customized to match your site for a seamless feel. As someone in the adult industry, you know that looks are important. The better you and your stream look, the more likely a guy will give some of his money to you… or all of it. Whatever works for him.


To further promote your site, Modelnet provides marketing support. They know where you should advertise your site, who your potential clients are, where they can be found, and how to target them on social media.


Sample list of cam sites currently using Modelnet software:


There’s a lot of income potential floating around in the webcam modelling niche. The sex industry is always in demand. Even with the economy getting worse, this industry trends upwards. Single or otherwise, men need company. And even with dating services like Tinder and Ashley Madison around, they look forward to watching and paying to watch cam girls.


The idea behind the Modelnet network is solid – share the pool of talent among many sites to maximize the girls’ exposure, your website’s traffic and income, and tap into the technical know-how that Modelnet provides. It could very well be a match! Not the Tinder kind, but the business kind- the better kind of match.


Check it out here.