March 26, 2023

O Camgirl

The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

How to become a Male webcammer in a female dominated industry

(The above is not a realistic view of male webcamming)


How to become a successful male webcammer (camguy as they say), the very short answer to this question is to be unique, be desirable and tick all the common boxes. What do we mean about common boxes? Here is a quick list:


Have good equipment, powerful computer, HD webcam, highspeed internet and try to maintain a positive room vibe.


Without the basics being covered it doesnt matter if you are Magic Mike you wont be getting anyone to spend their hard earned money on you.

How to be unique and desirable? The first thing a client will see when looking is your room preview, along side dozens of other male performers. At this point you are all on equal footing, the first two things to grab their attention will be your username and a small preview of your room. To be unique with your username let it give a short description of who you are, the very obvious ones are “bigcock”, “musclemadness” and “tonedtothecore” etc. Descriptive usernames the client knows exactly what they are in for. Of course not all male webcammers will have one of these features but you will have something, its your job to find your desirable feature and highlight it. Find your niche and make sure people know what it is from the word go. Descriptive words like young, mature, soccer dad, thing, chubby, small dick, big dick. You do not need to be a 10/10 male.

Try to add a little humour in it if possible, “5inchchubber” for instance is a username that a normal male could use, we know exactly whats in this room and the username is memorable and may even make the client giggle while reading it, if they do you have just created a connection between you and them which now gives you a better chance of being clicked on.


Equipment, internet speed and lighting etc have all been covered here on Ocamgirl but one thing that is unique to male webcamming is the site in which you pick. A female webcammer can pretty much go on any site they wish but for males its different, we have sites for instance that wont even allow a male to perform even in a couple ( and we have a long list of sites that put male webcamming down as a side note. In my opinion so far there is only one site that gives males an equal chance as females, couples, trans and other. That is Chaturbate.


We have 3 case studies below:

Livejasmin, the once dominant powerhouse of the webcam industry, for males on their site you will be included in an area called “boys” which shows transboy, straight, gay, newbie, couples etc diluting your room more and more. If a client then clicks on a category it instantly narrows it so much you’ll be left out altogether. Transexuals and couples being lumped into the boys section seems like an odd decision.

See here: is a very unique site all on its own in the adult webcammer industry but one of its strengths is not male webcammers (we have to make note its webcammers only, this would probably be your best site if you are a producer of content, amateur or professional for example).

At this very moment the site has 16 male webcammers on, none of them in paid chat, the site tends not to attract the clientele needed to support a bustling male webcam area.


See here:



Finally we have Chaturbate, as seen below it puts males in the middle of its areas,they are: Featured, females, males, couples then trans. This gives the male section more exposure than it would normally get and the result is a site that male performers can be successful on.


In this next image we can see other male performers who have already signed up and earning, you can see the numbers of people currently chatting with themCadan101 for instance has 1398 potential clients talking to him, he only need to get 1 person tipping tokens in order to start earning so you can easily see the benefits of Chaturbate as a male performer site.