June 4, 2023

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Prejudice in the 21st Century is So Not Sexy

We humans are so reluctant to accept let alone cause change, especially when it comes to societal ideologies and traditional values. Personal change is scary, and communal change may be scarier for some. Of course global change is simply unthinkable. 😉


There is a reason we feel safest when we stay in our comfort zones.

woman in a burka
A Muslim woman wearing a burqa to completely cover herself while in public.


We don’t rock the boat, so to speak. We feel in control. We know what to expect, because it’s always the same. But then someone comes along who has looked closely and sees a wound in society that needs to be fixed. We don’t want to be in a rocking boat, so clearly the one rocking it needs to be “thrown overboard” – or go unheard. We close our ears, resist the change, and remain comfortable in our old familiar ways.


How many rights have been granted without protest? How many laws have been changed without riots? How many wars have been fought because people simply can’t accept people?


civil rights movement civil rights act
Racism in employment, voting and public facilities became illegal with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. HOW MANY CENTURIES DID THAT TAKE?


Why are we so afraid of the new and different when it comes to the way society interacts within itself? I’m not even looking very far back in history, and I’m seeing a pattern. Even so, every single change is resisted because people are afraid of change.


women fighting for the right to vote
Women fighting for the right to vote.


This past Sunday was International Women’s Day. We celebrate women because throughout history we have endured so much abuse and belittlement, even as we gave birth to the patriarchs in a patriarchal society. Who knew being born with a vagina could cost so much?




Both men and women work in the sex industry, but women get the brunt of society’s judgement. That’s probably because we’re stuck picturing the prostitutes on street corners in the red light district. In reality, legal sex work is a safe, regulated, and respectable business model. Sex workers include prostitutes (not quite legal in the US, but legal throughout Canada as of last year), porn stars, escorts, phone sex operators, webcam models, etc.


It only seems fitting to talk about webcam models here. Camming is by far the safest adult job, since there is no actual contact between model and client EVER. There is no contact allowed outside of most cam sites, meaning the conversation will always be highly secure and monitored. I’ll talk more about safety and privacy in the future. I mention it here because it’s a common assumption that camming is unsafe, unsanitary, unregulated.


I’m a one woman army working toward the de-stigmatization of the entire industry. Call me a dreamer, lol. 


A reader recently left a comment on this blog, asking how I handle the viewpoint that being a camgirl is “unladylike.” I responded:


I approach it from the viewpoint of the 21st century and the fact that, while the sex industry is still stigmatized due to lack of understanding for the most part, society is progressing. Women voting used to be a thorny issue too. And massage therapy must have been seen as very “unladylike” before it became mainstream…


Protesters at the Equal Marriage Rights rally in Melbourne, Mar 26 2011. Photo Credit: azhrjl via Compfight cc
Protesters at the Equal Marriage Rights rally in Melbourne, Mar 26 2011.
Photo Credit: azhrjl via Compfight cc


Here’s hoping society continues to progress as it always has, one protest at a time. Let’s try to stay away from wars over this one.


No camgirl should be made to feel ashamed of her work, and no camgirl should feel the need to hide. For now it seems the majority of society is not quite ready for us yet. It’s understandable – I mean, seriously:


  1. We are women.
  2. We are sex workers.
  3. What’s a camgirl?


Let’s change that.


I’m no history buff and I don’t even identify as a feminist in the usual sense of the word. I do my best to research and ensure accuracy, but I’m open to kind correction if I’ve got any facts wrong in this post. Also I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this one!


Talk soon.