June 4, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Exclusive Interview With The Sweet Savage, Webcam Model & Content Seller

My model name is usually TheSweetSavage, but I still use Sweet_Savage some places; I’m slow to get things changed out. I just turned 39 (YAY) and I’m an American. I grew up mostly in the midwest and south. I mostly work on Chaturbate, TheSweetSavage.com and some on AllBBWCams.


How The Sweet Savage Got Started in the Adult Industry


I started in the adult industry in the late 90s at age 22. I was dating a stripper at the time and we got an offer from a photographer we knew to do essentially an artistic pictorial. We also did a few what I jokingly call private label porn videos, which isn’t too different from doing a custom video these days honestly. From there the path gets weird but I started camming about 2.5 years ago.


rainbow hair cam girl


Is Camming The Sweet Savage’s Main Source of Income?


Currently yes, though I am just coming back from something of a break so I’m rebuilding my brand and letting my fans know I’m back.


The Sweet Savage’s Background and Personality Come Together in Camming


I definitely come from a performing arts background. Acting, tech work (particularly makeup and effects), etc etc. It has all helped me to put my cam shows and videos together like I would a production, and it really instilled a work ethic of going at it hard to ensure my fans and clients get a great show every time. I also have owned businesses since I was 15 years old, and that helps me to make decisions on the business end. I think that the combination works for me; I’m a good artist and also have a good head for business.


I do think most of my fans would be absolutely shocked to learn how introverted I really am in my off camera life. I originally took acting classes as a teenager to help me deal with being intensely shy.


[tweetthis hidden_urls=”#camgirl” remove_twitter_handles=”true” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]I think that the combination works for me; I’m a good artist and also have a good head for business.[/tweetthis]


The Sweet Savage’s First Day and Learning the Ropes


Hmmm my first day on cam wasn’t bad at all. I had to deal with a few particularly annoying beggars but overall everyone was super sweet and I made some money. There was definitely a learning curve for me that first month or so, but then I just started to feel more confident. I also had way more patience for assholes when I started, not so much now. The main rule of my room has always been “Be a Dude not a Douche” – I’m slightly quicker on my ban hammer now.


A Favourite Cam Story & BB The Hamster


I think my favorite cam story is about IBDoomed. I broke the cam girl “rules” there. Doomy started out as a fan but there was just something about him and we became friends. He was taking a vacation and we decided to see if we clicked in person too. Long story short, we’ve been living together for 2 years and married for 7 months! (And yes we took precautions when we met just in case the other was a psycho lol)


I also really hate being called bb or worse bebe. So much that we named our hamster BB so when guys do that I can make some comments about it being weird they want to see my hamster’s feet or whatever.


What Sav Loves & Hates About Being a Camgirl


I love making people’s day a bit brighter either with a show or whatever. I hate guys who are demanding and rude. I’ve found that those are the types that never buy a show or video – now I have a very short tolerance for it, as in maybe one warning before they get booted.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@TheSweetSavage”]The main rule of my room has always been “Be a Dude not a Douche”[/tweetthis]


The Sweet Savage’s Niche & Secret to Success


My niche is definitely in the alternative SSBBW crowd. I am mostly about having fun though so I don’t really worry about my niche. I like to call my look Pinup Punk Rock Princess. I keep my hair bright and my makeup as flawless as I can to catch the eye, but really I’m just me as far as looks. I keep fans coming back by being pretty sweet and putting on a great show every time.


Camming & The Sweet Savage’s Personal Life


It does affect my scheduling sometimes. Very few people know exactly what I do for a living; most of my friends that do know of course are extremely supportive. Of course my hubs knows and supports my career – it would be pretty hypocritical if he didn’t.


How Has Being a Webcam Model Changed The Sweet Savage?


Well I’m married now so there is that! Honestly, camming hasn’t changed me as a person so much as it’s given me new opportunities to make a good living as an entertainer and meet some really cool people.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@TheSweetSavage”]I keep fans coming back by being pretty sweet and putting on a great show every time.[/tweetthis]


Words of Wisdom for Beginner Cam Models


The most important piece of advice I have is be true to yourself.


Thank you, Sav!

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