March 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Exclusive Interview with Britney & Ken, Webcam Modeling Couple

Britney 27, Ken 39, from Devon UK

Sites they’re on:

Adultwork, Skyprivate (Totally Brilliant!) and just started using Youkandy. We are also working on our own site


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How Britney & Ken Started Camming

Around four years ago we used to mess around on a US site camming for fun & kicks. It was a way for us to experiment with our secret exhibitionist and slightly kinky side! Then about two years back Britney found Adultwork and thought hey why not, we can make a little pocket money. The best bit is we live in a tiny little village (you know, twitchy curtains and all). We get a real kick doing what we do, knowing no one has a clue!


How This Camming Couple Pays The Bills

We both have our normal run-of-the-mill day jobs. Britney is a nurse and Ken runs his own business. We cam for kicks and it does help for the little extras. We don’t spend a huge amount of time online – about 8-12hrs. We make around £2-300 a week on average.


cam girlCamming To Boost Britney’s Confidence

Believe it or not Britney is sooo shy! We actually started camming as a way of boosting her confidence. We would chat in the cam rooms, slowly building up her nerves, then we would have a little play. It took a while, but camming has helped amazingly! She has a lot more confidence, loves performing. We learn new things every day, and get to try all manner of kinky stuff. It’s definitely let us explore our sex lives in ways we would never have thought of without camming.


[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true”]It’s definitely let us explore our sex lives in ways we would never have thought of without camming.[/tweetthis]


Britney & Ken’s First Days on Cam

Our first day was not too bad, both a little nervous and more confused about using the software lol. We put our previous cam time to good use! As time went on we got more used to the strange requests, getting called babe all the time lol, and working out the time wasters from the real customers.


A Few Odd Requests and a Favourite Customer

Wow where to start lol! Let me see.. From custard and flour showers, guys having Ken dress up as a girl (Britney finds that hilarious), Ken having clothes pegs yanked off his nuts, Ken having to lick Britney’s feet.. In fact, Ken seems to get picked on quite a bit lol. But all of it is fun and a good laugh. It’s why we do it really; we have no idea what’s coming next!


All our customers are amazing; we get to know a lot on a personal level, making friends all the time, and having a laugh as we play. Our best customer is sarah23uk2010 – she has cammed many many times. We love our face painting shows with her XX


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What Britney & Ken Love and Hate About Camming

Pros – We can work whenever we want, we learn all sorts of weird and wonderful things to do!


[tweetthis]It’s why we do it really; we have no idea what’s coming next![/tweetthis]


Cons – Peeps who don’t read profiles. Peeps who ask for things we don’t do (not read profile) then get all huffy when we let them know nicely we don’t do


The thing that bugs us the most is some of the unprofessional cam companies – omg it’s so easy to get ripped off! Unless you’re working 18hrs a day 7 days a week, I’m afraid you’re not going to earn five grand a week! (NO MATTER WHAT THEY TELL YOU!)


Britney & Ken’s Niche and Secret to Success

I think being a couple helps, we’re not afraid to experiment and we have a laugh when it all goes tits up!


We listen to our customers and try to give them exactly what they are looking for, we don’t rush, and listen. If we can’t do it then and there (i.e. no props) we will set a time and date when we can.


Camming and This Couple’s Personal Life

At the moment nobody knows – we would probably be run out of town with pitchforks lol. To be honest we get a kick from that.


We have a few close friends that know, and it’s always fun having conversations in code when people are around.


If it comes out then we’re not too bothered. We’re a couple having fun; we’ll deal with the closed minds and backwards mentality then lol.


How Couple’s Camming Has Changed Britney & Ken

It’s opened our eyes lol! It’s brought us closer together, added excitement and given us things to explore. We have both learnt we have feelings and desires we never knew existed. For Britney it’s been an amazing boost to her confidence. It’s been a bloody good laugh.


cam girl


Ken has learned how frustrating it is lol up down… up down…


[tweetthis remove_twitter_handles=”true”]I think being a couple helps, we’re not afraid to experiment and we have a laugh when it all goes tits up![/tweetthis]


Words of Wisdom for Beginner Webcam Models

When looking at sites to work on, check what others think first! Use forums – is an amazing resource (we are on there as altbritney) – and blogs like these are a godsend. Read read and then read some more! before signing up. If they don’t use validation then don’t use them. If the site does not tell you your percentage, ask! A good site will give you 60-80% of your earnings.


Most customers are cool, understanding and really nice, but there’s always a bad apple. Don’t take anything to heart. If you don’t want to do something then don’t! It’s your show! Never do anything that makes you feel bad.


It’s hard work, really it is! But if you put the time in, check things out – you’ll have a ball! Britney xx & Ken xx


Thank you, guys!
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