June 4, 2023

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Exclusive Interview with Ayumi Pie, Webcam Model & Webmaster

Hello. My name is Ayumi, 27 years old. I am half Japanese, half Chinese and currently reside in HK whilst travelling around Asia. I currently am not working on any sites but built my own for trusted friends to use as a platform. It is a hub for shows using Skype as the software. I’ll just shamelessly plug it here for you > https://www.ayumipie.com. But for unicorns’ sakes please finish reading my interview first.


When and How Ayumi Started Working in the Adult Industry

About 3 years ago, I was travelling with my female friend in Europe, when we met these girls at a party who had hired a male escort. After going online to investigate ‘male escorts’ more (you know… just out of curiosity) we discovered there were not many sites advertising for them. So I built one which later I expanded for all types of adult entertainment. It covered 49 countries and was in 28 different languages. (I recently lost the site in a data loss disaster. I cried for 3 days. It took me 3 years to develop. Then!! By miracle. I recently got it back and I’ll relaunch when I have more time). Anyway…on that same vacation we decided to both become cam models. We did shows together but nothing Bi. We are both straight. We soon realized we make way more working on our own.



Marketing in the cam niche is now my main source of income. Camming used to be for 2 years previous to that.


Life is too short not to try everything once. – Ayumi Pie


ayumi pie



I’m from a reserved and strict background and can fit somewhat into the stereotype of ‘Asian’. Mom- “Study study study study” etc etc. Personality wise I can be moody but generally I think I’m a cool person. Sometimes crazy I guess. People like me. Ha. I hope.




Externally the main things that influenced me were seeing others making stacks of cash yet still seemingly doing it badly. Internally I was driven hard by my stone cold lack of morals. I’m kidding.




The fact I can maintain this life secretly can be quite exciting and also the only reason I do this. It is easy to keep secret. Working from home and being able to travel makes it awesome too.




Ayumi’s First Day on Cam

Can’t remember much. My friend and I were drunk in some hotel and giggling like morons. I think we made about $5.


Ayumi’s Favourite and Not-So-Favourite People in the Camming Industry

Skypeepshow stole my money. The guy who owns it is a cock wobbler and there should be more legislation to protect people from scams. My favorite people are Skatch and Paul King. They know who they are 🙂 – Oh and Thomas! Oh and skyprivate.com is the greatest thing since sliced Cucumber. Oh and wecamgirls.com are the best !!


Every job has its pros and cons. What does Ayumi love and hate about her job?

I love the fact I used to work without getting out of bed. Traveling is an important part of my life now also. At a risk of sounding like a bitch, what I really hate is seeing people doing this badly. Yes of course starting out new means there is lots to learn and that’s fine but you should want to better yourself in anything in life. Some models have been doing it for years and they still suck.


Ayumi’s Niche and Secret to Success

I think being Asian carries a niche on it’s own. Cosplay etc. I shine by making an effort 99% of the time all the time. Ha.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@ayumipiedotcom @OCamgirl”]I shine by making an effort 99% of the time all the time.[/tweetthis]


How Ayumi’s Work Factors in to Every Day Life and Relationships

Completely separate. No connection what so ever. Unless they are friends within the industry. Mainly other webmistresses/masters in the marketing realms. This job is my life now. Sometimes I wonder if i neglect older friends and family but I also believe in reaping what you sow. If I work my ass off now I can relax a bit in years to come.


How has being a webcam model changed Ayumi Pie?

Good question. Not sure. It is a way of life now. What it has done is pushed me to think bigger and be more ambitious. Certainly I feel like there is no going back for me. And wow! has it had its ups and downs?! .. but everything is always ok in the end if you really think about it. No matter what.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@ayumipiedotcom”]What [being a camgirl] has done is pushed me to think bigger and be more ambitious. [/tweetthis]


Ayumi Pie’s Advice to New Webcam Models

Always look after your health. Shower often, keep rubbing alcohol, wipes, tissue, eye drops, sanitizing for toys, comfortable working space and most important don’t work too tired. Don’t do things to your body if it is complaining already. Don’t do things just because people want you to / ask or pay extra. Don’t push it. Rest well. Nothing worse than a caffeine crash after injecting it into your eyeballs for 3 days straight, just to grab more (insert applicable currency here).


Thank you, Ayumi!

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