June 4, 2023

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Every Cam Girl Needs Her Rest: Why Regular Breaks Are Important

Being tired and stressed out is seriously bad for you. What’s worse is that the effects of being overworked are varied and come at you from different directions. Working too much has been linked to increased levels of anxiety, a higher risk of depression, and even heart disease. None of that’s a good time.


An awareness of what your needs are, what’s stressing you, and what you can do about it are vital to making sure you don’t crash and burn.


Listen To Your Body and Respect What It’s Telling You


Are your muscles sore? Are you yawning? Is your stomach growling?


take a break camgirlThese are all signs that you should take a break to attend to your body’s needs. Of course, it’s tempting to just ignore the complaints of this weak meat-vessel you’re trapped in, but it will affect your ability to perform. Your body is trying to make you do something else – it’s distracted.


You can mitigate these issues by eating regularly, getting plenty of sleep, and scheduling regular breaks throughout the day. However, life happens and sometimes you just can’t. In this case it’s just fine to stop working and tend to your body’s needs. You are your own boss, so you’re totally allowed!


Psychological Stress Can Have a Damaging Impact On Your Health


Let’s not forget about the effects of psychological stress. This is where some of the more job-specific stressors can be found. Everything from flirting with potential customers to pretending you like a client’s weird, misshapen penis to the 300th “open tits bb” from an unregistered freeloader in chat adds to your stress. This stress further increases your mental fatigue. Hell, for some people the mere act of socializing can be draining.


Dealing with this crap all of the time – with no reprieve – can lead to increased levels of anxiety, acute depression, and leave you feeling really alienated and lonely. Make time for your psychological needs the same way you do for your physical needs. You should feel free to stop shaking your money maker and let off some steam.


Quick Tips To Help You Sit Back and Relax


So what can you actually do to relax?


Well, it depends on how you feel.


Maybe you’re physically tired or hungry. In this case you may want to take 15 minutes for a snack. Try to avoid heavy carbs or you may crash.


You could also do some stretches, or even log off for an hour for a quick nap. You’ll find yourself feeling a lot better and more willing and able to perform when your body is satisfied.


take a break camgirlAs for the psychological stresses, try doing something to occupy your mind and take it off of work.


  • Watch an episode of your current Netflix show – just one!

  • Do an activity related to a favorite hobby

  • Take a nice bath with some music

  • Call a friend to remind yourself that you’re not alone


You know what works for you. I’m just here to tell you it’s okay to do it!


Taking Regular Breaks is a Key Part of Being and Staying Productive


This is true of any job, no matter how much you may love it. Being a camgirl (or boy!) can be a great way to make a good living while being your own boss. But since it comes with its own stresses, you need to learn how and when to take a step back and recuperate. Failing to do so can lead to a variety of negative consequences.


Y’know, besides a sore vagina.