March 26, 2023

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Electra Switch on Kink and Fetish Camming [Video]

This is a continuation of last week’s interview with Electra Switch. She and Matt got talking about kink and fetish camming. It was so educational and entertaining, we just had to make another video. Transcription below. Enjoy! 



Matt: Do you have any advice for anyone looking into getting into the fetish scene?


Electra: I try to be careful with that because a lot of people think that they can do it and they’re like, “Oh, that’s fucking easy. Yeah, sure. I’ll go wave my feet around and tell someone that they’re a loser with a small dick. That’s fucking easy.” Then they go and try to do it and it’s just… Anybody can do it in practice and become it, I think, or come to enjoy that type of thing, but I think it’s one of those things that you are or you aren’t.


I think that anybody can bring it out in you. I’ve taken people, in my personal life, before I was even camming. I had a lover one time, he’s like, “No, I’ll never be submissive. I’ll never be into the idea of pain or getting spanked.” A few weeks later…


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@electraswitch @ocamgirl” hidden_hashtags=”#sexwork #camgirlsunite”]”I am cruel, but I am not unethical.”[/tweetthis]


Like I say on my site, I am cruel, but I am not unethical. That’s kind of a hard line to cross, especially when you get some of the blackmail guys. Blackmail guys will be like, “Yeah. Take pictures of me. Here’s my boss’ email.” Whether it really is or not, and even though they’re telling you, I still want to be like, “No.” Especially if it involves emailing anybody, I’m like, “Yeah.” Usually they’re like, “No, I don’t really want you to. Oh my God, you didn’t really call?” I’ve had guys be like, “You didn’t really post that, did you? To your Twitter?” I’m like, “No dude.”


This is something to tell all of you newer people that could be coming into camming and considering trying the fetish section. You really do have to be careful with people’s privacy. Make sure that you get constant confirmation or consistent confirmation, I should say. That can also be where a safe word comes in or something too.


I just assume that most people are just caught up in the fantasy and they really don’t want it. They just want the fantasy. I’ve been nervous with some people. Some guys want to be like, “Oh yeah. I’m in my hotel wearing panties with a fucking dick in my mouth and up my ass. Should I open up the door?” and I’m like, “I really want you to. That would be hilarious.”


As a dominant, you are in charge of these people, even though you’re not there with them in the flesh to truly be able to see what their needs are and protect them from being caught up in whatever it is that you’re doing to them, but I still almost feel like you’re in charge of these people and some of them can be very exhilarated and caught up in it, and not necessarily make the best decision as a result of it. Always double check when somebody really wants to do something that seems that fucking out there. Always double check and make sure. 


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@electraswitch @ocamgirl” hidden_hashtags=”#sexwork #camgirlsunite”]It’s about wanting to do something that is outside of what you normally do.[/tweetthis]


A lot of the reason I think, why people get into some of these very distinct kinks and fetishes, is because it’s taboo to them. You’ll see a lot of guys who really objectify and worship cock, and you think, “Oh, that guy must be gay. He wants to suck cock or he wants to be a cuckold. He must be gay.” But if you think about it, if he was gay, he’d be going to see a camboy, not a camgirl. It’s not about wanting men; it’s about wanting to do something that is outside of what you normally do.


The only natural way to channel that is through something, as we were discussing earlier, just certain things that all humans will always have to deal with, sexuality being one of them. It’s a channel that we have as humans. Something that’s not going to go away, that will always be there. That’s just the way that they found to vent it. Some guys, there’s nothing more taboo in the world than your wife getting fucked by a better man than you, so they play it out in fantasy or they want to hear about that, or “Oh my God, there’s nothing that would bring me more outside of my comfort zone than getting fucked in the ass. I’m a man. I’m supposed to be on top fucking girls.” They need the opposite end of that. Fortunately, a lot of them, as mentioned before, they don’t even look that deep into it. They’re just kinky motherfuckers who like to do what feels good, and are just like me, most likely, and fairly fluid, and shift through various scenes and different types of sensations and such.


Matt: I feel like one thing that a lot of guys forget to keep in mind is they are people, just like you and me. It’s like if you treat them like people, then everything will be okay. 


Electra: I had a guy come in and see me last night and even though it says all over my profile, “MILF” – yeah I have fucking kids. He’s like, “Oh, I kind of wish that I didn’t know you had kids.” He said, “Good luck with you and your family.” I’m like, ” Why? Do you think moms don’t have a sex drive?” I’m like, “Why? What are you thinking? Do you think that I’m a bad person? Do you think that my kids don’t have the same love and care that a single mother household who works fucking three jobs and doesn’t get to assist in her children growing up has?” I just explained to him like what I was saying to you earlier, that yeah, I have a lot more time to spend with my kids because I’m a sex worker. One of the reasons why I am a camgirl is so that I can spend more time with my family and educate my children and make sure that I’m here when they need me.


No, fuck that. I’m not doing the street corner today. That’s what I call Streamate – the street corner – because it is. You’re out there fucking hustling. “Hey baby.” Not me. I’m not really a, “Hey baby,” kind of person. I’m more of a, “What’s up bitches.”


I have a legion of guys who come in that don’t even necessarily spend money on me all the time, but I’m like a treat for them to spend money on, but when they can. But they still just come in just to watch me tell people off, like guys who come into my room thinking I’m a vanilla chick. I’m always polite. I’m always very nice. It fucking happens. I can’t expect everybody to read my profile, but if they just keep being persistent jackasses about it, I just fucking lay into them and people live for that shit. I have a core following.


Matt: It’s great watching people get chewed out. 


Electra: Oh yeah. Once again though, like in the same respect, it’s like some people are probably asking for that because that’s their fetish. You can’t give them too much either for the free-loaders, if that’s what going to be what fucking makes them spooge all over themselves. We don’t want that. We don’t want any free spooging.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@electraswitch @ocamgirl” hidden_hashtags=”#sexwork #camgirlsunite”]”We don’t want any free spooging.”[/tweetthis]