March 26, 2023

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YouTube Interview with Camgirl and Blogger Diane Callaway

Diane Callaway, 42, Missouri
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Matt: Alright and hello! My name is Matthew from O Camgirl. How are you doing today?


Diane: I’m doing great Matthew! I’m Diane Callaway and I am the owner, uh part owner, of, and I’m doing really well!


Matt: That’s good! So, where are you from?


Diane: Originally I’m from Memphis Tennessee, right now I reside in Missouri.


Matt: And can I ask your age, and what sites you usually work on?


Diane: I’m 42, and we’re sort of doing a bit of changeup right now. Chaturbate is our main site, and most people know me from Niteflirt. I do a lot of blogging as well.


Matt: And how long have you been in the industry?


Diane: I started out in 2007. We stumbled onto panty sales, which we really don’t do anymore. But we started with that, custom videos, and things of that nature. Started camming which we did on a number of sites over the years, and it grew and changed from there. I think it’s wonderful for women, especially if you are your own owner/operator, there’s so much to learn. You never stop learning, there’s such a large variety of things you can do, and ways you can go.


Matt: And there’s nothing better than being your own boss, right?


Diane: Depends on the day! Sometimes you just don’t want to get out of bed!


Matt: Is this your main source of income, or do you do any other kinds of work?


Diane: It is my main source of income yes. And we’ve done quite well with it! It’s wonderful for us because we can travel, and do the things we want to do. We have a variety of things in our lives that, when working in the corporate world, we wouldn’t have been able to have. My industry got caught in the ’07-’08 total failure, so in some ways I was kind of pushed into this. But, it’s been a good transition.


I’m actually part of a trio. I’ve been married for 20 years, and we’ve had a girlfriend that we’ve been with for over 14. My girlfriend actually works in the industry as well – she’s Chilly Hicks – and it’s been really kind of wonderful being able to go back to school, writing, ghost writing, and things of that nature. For both of us, it’s been wonderful!


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@dianecallaway” hidden_hashtags=”#camgirl”]If I don’t enjoy it, I don’t do it! I love having that choice, being a self producer.[/tweetthis]


Matt: Would you say that your personality and who you are, and the personalities of all of you, contribute to this line of work, and help you out in any way?


Diane: I’ve always had a very dominant personality, a “take control” kind of person. It hasn’t been a huge change, but I’ve noticed for her that it’s helped her self esteem in a lot of ways. She’s grown in her comfort of who she is and with her sexuality, which has been a good change.


Matt: Do you remember what your first day was like?


Diane: The first day you do anything, it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s nerve wracking! Yes, I do remember. The first day we actually cammed, we cammed together. I eventually wound up camming alone. We started out on Flirt4free. It was really kind of different, and after you get through that first day, you’re kind of like “That wasn’t so bad!”. And every time I start on a new site, I still get that feeling. Which is really kind of weird, because it’s like “I’ve been there, I’ve done that! Why?” but, I think it’s just part of who we are.


Matt: You said you’ve been with your partner for over 14 years now, do you remember what your first day with them was like as well?


Diane: Well, I’ve always been bisexual. My full adult life, I’ve always had a girl in our relationship or in our world in some way shape or form. I think over the years though I’ve grown more confident in who I am. I’m 40, I was bisexual before it was the “cool thing”, so I’ve watched the world change around me in how we view people. It used to be that you had to keep it all secret, and nobody talked about it. Now, it’s seen as okay!


Matt: So you’ve been doing this for quite a while from the sounds of it – do you have any particular memories or stories that stand out as something you’ll always remember?


Diane: Oh definitely yes! Some of them are probably not okay for this video… I’ve had some guys that have been with me almost literally since day one, which is kind of an odd feeling. They’ve travelled with me from site to site, adventure to adventure, and you sort of become friends in a hard to explain way. I know so much about them, their marriages and relationships, children, pets, everything! So you sort of build this sort of pseudo relationship which has meaning, you do care about these people… But on the same grounds, it’s kind of an odd feeling to have that happen.


I can remember the first time I was introduced to small penis humiliation. It was a guy who literally put his wedding ring on his penis, and I didn’t know quite how to react to that. I’m a very sarcastic person, so it works out okay! But you know, when you’re first introduced to it, you’re kind of like “Ahh! I don’t know quite what to do here”.


The fetishes amaze me, and I write about this a lot. The fetishes that people are into are just fascinating to me. Moreso like the balloons and ballooners, inflation, people who want to be shrank down, I find that so fascinating! I think that’s something that people don’t understand about the adult entertainment industry, is that we are not what people have positioned us to be. We are very normal everyday people. And I have been recognized a few times! You know, out at the store and things of that nature. Knock on wood, so far it’s been really great! It’s been a really good experience in regards to that.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@dianecallaway”]We are not what people have positioned us to be. We are very normal everyday people[/tweetthis]


Matt: You mentioned before that it’s helped you travel and given you stability, there’s lots of pros to this job. Would you say there’s any cons to it that stand out?


Diane: Yes, there are some cons. People are going to judge you. Get over it. You have to have a level of self confidence if you’re going to do this job. You will be found out, you can’t hide it. You’re putting your face out there, someone at some point is going to recognize you. Be prepared for it, it’s going to happen. A lot of it is just being self employed. You have to be a self starter, you have to be willing to learn, you have to be willing to fail. Those are all things that are definitely important to have.


Matt: Is there anything you haven’t mentioned that you really love about being in this line of work?


Diane: Meeting interesting people! A lot of times I just talk to people, a lot of guys just want somebody to talk to. And that’s all they’re doing, they’re reaching out for that human touch. Human interaction. I think that’s a big misunderstanding about it too, they don’t realize that it’s just like any other thing, people want to be able to interact with each other.


Matt: You said earlier you have a very dominant personality, would you say that’s sort of a niche of yours?


Diane: I get a lot of guys that are into feminization, sissification, cuckolding, small penis humiliation… Those are definitely some of the genres that are attracted to me daily.


Matt: And are there any of those you feel you particularly excel at?


Diane: I personally enjoy the cuckolding and CBT. I didn’t really understand sissification and feminization until I got into the industry, so that’s sort of a different thing.


Matt: And I assume that with something along the lines of cuckolding, being in a triad relationship makes that very easy to act out as well?


Diane: Absolutely! Yes it does. That’s a very easy role for me to slip into.


Matt: Does this line of work factor into your everyday life and relationships, outside of your immediate relationships?


Diane: I think that it has. It changes your perception of the world, and how you “judge” people. I’m nowhere near as judgmental on sexuality and things of that nature. It could be that I’m getting older, but I think that it changes how you look at society and sexual interactions between people. There’s a song from the 90’s I think, and one of the lyrics is “Just lay back, it’s all been done before”. That’s kind of just become my philosophy of life you know!


Matt: You’ve mentioned that having this as a career has provided you with stability, do you have any other things in your life that you feel have improved since getting into this line of work?


Diane: I don’t know so much if it’s just improved… I’m really not a “thingy” person, but it’s nice to have nice things in life, and it’s nice to be able to go “Hey, I worked for that. That’s mine. I achieved that”. I think it’s more just being able to achieve something, and being able to say “I don’t know how to do something”, realizing I don’t know how to do it, and then figuring it out. That’s more of where my joy comes from, being able to say “It’s okay to fail, to mess stuff up. But it’s not okay to quit”.


Matt: Do you feel there’s anything that’s changed for the worse, or do you feel it’s all around a positive thing?


Diane: When people judge you, and you have to deal with that on the back side. Especially people you thought you could really trust. That is a problem. You figure out who your friends are, and who’s only there to be there really quick.


Matt: Being a couple, or triad, do you feel that changed the way the work is for you, either positively or negatively?


Diane: It’s not easy being in that kind of relationship. There are a lot of struggles, and you find out who you are on a lot of levels. I think it’s worth it, for some people. It’s worth it for us! It’s not all sex. I think that when you get through that relationship you have on the other side, it’s a lot better than what you had starting out.


Matt: Do you primarily work with your partners, or do you mostly work alone?


Diane: We’ve actually split that up! We do a lot more solo, that’s more of a business decision. We’ve discovered that throughout the years, you sort of want to sprinkle in the girl/girl, threesomes, you don’t want that to be your primary things! There’s so many things out there to explore when you’re solo. You also want to build your relationships with your clientele when you’re solo, since that’s what they’re looking for. Otherwise you just sort of become a product. Really, when you’re working in the adult industry, the camming industry, you want to be able to build those relationships up.


Matt: Do you have any one piece of advice that you feel is the most important piece of advice you could give someone looking to get into this line of work?


Diane: Be prepared to do a lot of work. It is a lot of work! And it’s a lot of learning, a lot of failure too. It’s not easy money… It’s good money! But it’s not easy. You’re going to work for it.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@dianecallaway” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]You have to be a self starter, you have to be willing to learn, you have to be willing to fail.[/tweetthis]


Matt: Do you have any closing thoughts?


Diane: I really wish that more of the adult industry was doing this! We are humans, you know. We’re real people, and it’s wonderful to be able to communicate that to people. That what we do is based on a human level. Everything I do, is because I enjoy it. If I don’t enjoy it, I don’t do it! It’s that simple. And I love having that choice, and that comes from being a self producer.


Thank you, Diane!
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