June 4, 2023

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YouTube Interview with 2016 BBW of the Year, Destiny Diaz

Destiny Diaz, 24, Canada

Matt: Hello there! My name is Matthew from O Camgirl, and I’m here today with Destiny Diaz! Would you like to introduce yourself for us please?


Destiny: Hi everyone! I’m Destiny Diaz. I’m 24 years old, I live in Canada, and I’m an adult content creator/camgirl/youtuber!


Matt: So how long have you been working in this industry, and how did it start for you?


Destiny: I’ve been camming for four and a half years! I started because before I was a paid camgirl, I used to play around on webcam with guys from school, from town, it was really fun to do. After a while, I met my fiance, and he told me that he used to watch camgirls. And I was like, “What are those? What do you mean, camgirls?” and he said “You know when you watch porn and you get a popup saying someone is live?” I always thought that was spam or an ad! He was like “No no no, I definitely know these girls are making money because I’m spending money!” so I was totally intrigued – we signed up that night. Didn’t even look back! Found out I could get paid for something I would already do for fun, and that’s my job now.


Matt: Is camming your main source of income?


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@DDestiny_Diaz @OCamgirl” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]Found out I could get paid for something I already did for fun, and that’s my job now.[/tweetthis]


Destiny: Yes it is! It is now. When I first started I sort of balanced both. Once camming really started taking off and I was making more money, it became my main and only source of income. Since I’ve jumped into videos, that’s been my main source of income! Not so much camming now as making videos, which totally blows my mind! I had no idea when I entered this industry that you could make a full time living off of just your video content. That changed a lot of things in my life.


Matt: How has being in this line of work changed your life at all, for better or worse? If at all. 


Destiny: Oh definitely for better! This changed everything for me. Before I was camming I was working at fast food restaurants, constantly felt under appreciated, dreaded those 9-5 hours… Living paycheck to paycheck. It wasn’t something I felt like I could sustain for a long term. Once camming started to take off, videos started taking off, it was just like… Everything started falling into place. I was able to focus more on my dreams and what I wanted to do long term, personal, instead of working for someone else and catering to someone else’s dream working that type of job. It was really liberating to be able to make a living through yourself, based on how hard you work. And that’s dope! That’s never happened.


Matt: Does being in this line of work factor into your everyday life and relationships at all?


Destiny: Definitely! My fiance and I, we always put up content where we work together, for most of our videos. As for real life relationships, friendships and family… A lot of my friends and family know what I do. Some of them, it makes them a little uncomfortable to hear me talk about it. Others are totally interested, super intrigued, I’ve even had family members ask how to sign up! It’s definitely built relationships, I can’t say it’s torn any down. But it’s definitely made people side eye a little.


Matt: Do you have any advice for new and aspiring cam models?


Destiny: The advice thing, that is so tough! I love to help models, so it’s so hard to pinpoint one thing I think is the most helpful. But if I *had* to… It would probably be to brand yourself. It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. We all have the same amount of hours in the day. So, if you’re sitting there on your computer, or your clip site, cam site, and you feel like you’re wasting time? Take that and do something different! Find something that’s worth your time at that moment.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@DDestiny_Diaz @OCamgirl” remove_hidden_hashtags=”true”]Brand yourself. It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter.[/tweetthis]


Matt: I think Cat wanted me to try and ask something about your awards that you’ve won, if you’d like to include that in the interview?


Destiny: I didn’t really get any recognition for the first three years that I was in the industry. And I worked hard! I saw a lot of contests, I think it was “Adult Model News” had Christmas and Halloween contests I was trying to be a part of, but I always came up short. I’d come in second, third, fourth, and I’d never win one! Then at the beginning of this year, my clip site Manyvids, and Adult Model News, had two contests at the exact same time. I was going for BBW of the Year, and Curvaceous Performer of the Year. It was so hard to balance out which ones to promote! There was so much, they were both so important to me. But! I pulled through, and I made it to the final five of the Manyvids one, and then they selected me to be their BBW of the Year. By popular vote, I won the Curvaceous Performer of the Year from Cammy Awards. That was awesome! I got cash prizes, jewelry, my profile was crowned on Manyvids (That’s what I really wanted! I wanted it to say BBW of the Year on my profile and it did!). It felt good! Definitely going for those again this year. Probably not going to get them, but I’m so going to try!




Destiny: December is consistently my best month every year, and I put the most effort into it. It’s my favourite holiday! I love Christmas, I love all the spirit of the holidays. For every December, I have #DestinysDecember, and this year’s is a lot crazier than every other before. I have so much planned! For the first 12 days, I’m doing 12 days of thickmas, where 11 other thick gorgeous BBW models and I will be featured every day. Each of us will put out a video that day. And then for the rest of the month, we have an advent calendar that every day gets peeled off with a new giveaway or deal, all my social media and lots of games to play! I also have a “naughty and nice” raffle, so much time on cam available and scheduled… I’m really excited! It’s going to be a bomb month.


Thank you, Destiny!

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