January 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

How to Get Ready For Your First Day on Cam

You started here. Given all the pros and cons, you’ve decided that webcam modeling may be a good fit and you’re ready to give it a try for real. Well, okay then! Let’s get you ready.


Things You’ll Need:


[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] High Speed Internet and HD Webcam

Your future clients are much more likely to pay for your show if you’re streaming in high quality with a proper cam. Your built-in webcam is probably not gonna cut it here. Logitech is always a pretty safe bet. A lot of models are using the Logitech C920.

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[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Proper Lighting

Most of your light should be coming from behind your webcam, at around 45 degree angles to you. If you can set up while the sun’s up in a room with a window, you’re golden. Use at least two sources of soft light. Try lamps without shades if you’re starting on a budget. If you’ve got some money to sink into your lights, you may want to try a simple lighting kit like this one. Your lighting is going to play a huge role in the overall quality of your stream. Higher quality streaming leads to higher money making potential.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Toys

I recommend starting off with one quality vibrator. You can expand your collection after you start making money. I know the best discounts usually happen on Amazon, and the selection is tempting. However it can be hit or miss when you’re buying from third party vendors, since you can’t guarantee exactly what you’re getting (some vendors sell knockoffs). I personally trust PinkCherry though, so I buy all my toys there.


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[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Outfits

You’ll want to have at least a couple of cute options ready to go. If you need to expand your new alter-ego’s wardrobe at all, just look up “sexy” on Amazon. It’s kinda magical, lol.

I personally get everything but toys on Amazon. (I buy my toys at PinkCherry.) If you want an alternative for costumes and shit, I have heard really good things about Yandy and PinkCherry also has a pretty good selection. 

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] An apt disguise (optional)

Many of you have asked about wearing disguises on cam. If you’re more comfortable that way, try out a wig. I recommend getting something you could pass off as your own hair unless you’re into cosplay. Japanese synthetic fiber (Kanekalon) is the best affordable option in my experience. Pretty masks are also a great option.

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Things To Do:


[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Set up your cam space

Nothing worse than a dysfunctional work area. Whether you’re setting up on a bed, couch, or even in your kitchen – make it comfortable and appealing for you and your guests.

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[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Take a super sexy profile pic

Sexy doesn’t have to mean sexual. Just show off your best features and look like you’re having a good time. A quality head shot can work wonders on your profile.

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[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Take 1 head shot and 1 full body (non-nude) pic for application

During the application process, you’ll usually be asked for one picture of your ID and one of you holding your ID.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Choose a model name

Choose wisely. Your name becomes your brand.

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[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Choose a cam site and apply to become a model

There are two kinds of sites: private oriented and public oriented. If you’re into the idea of entertaining a crowd, you’ll be right at home on Chaturbate. If you think you’d prefer the intimacy of one-on-one sessions, you might want to start by checking out Flirt4Free. This is obviously just a starting point as there are many sites to choose from. But you only need one to learn the business and these two are beginner-friendly sites where many models have created successful camming careers.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Set up profile and Twitter account

If possible, make your model name your Twitter handle. This will help you promote yourself more effectively in the future.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Get sexy

If you wear a normal amount of makeup, you might look like you’re not wearing any on cam. While a lot of guys love the natural look, you may want to apply extra.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Tweet it.

Might seem futile but it’s a good habit to get into. Just let the world know you’re logging on to your cam for your first show ever. Remember to use (just a couple) relevant hashtags.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Turn on your cam

Your future fans are waiting for you. 😉
Take it easy.