March 26, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Introducing Carmita Bonita, A.K.A. “RumpasaurusREXX”

carmita bonita interviewCarmita Bonita, 26, Hawaii
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Carmita Meets the Adult Industry


A mutual friend of mine on facebook was a camgirl and messaged me suggesting it to me. I had no idea she was a camgirl–up until then I just took sexy thong bikini photos and submitted them to booty appreciation groups on facebook.


How Carmita Bonita Pays Her Bills


Camming and filming clips on sites like manyvids, clips4sale, Iwantclips. I also make income from my own membership site and sell custom videos as well. I also do sexting and sometimes phone sex.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@rumpasaurusREXX @OCamgirl”]Don’t let money pressure you into doing something you don’t want to.[/tweetthis]


Carmita’s Personality Leads to Camming


I was notoriously known as the “school slut” in high school for how I dressed and I even ran a sexual health blog for my peers. I’ve ays been very open-minded and interested in the sex industry when I was old enough to know what it was. I think being non-judgemental really helped me in adult work since now there isn’t much a member can throw at me that would shock me. With camming, members get to express fantasies they may not feel comfortable in showing to real-life partners. So being non-judgemental and making people feel at ease with you is very beneficial.


Carmita Bonita’s Earliest Camming Memory


Logging onto MFC the first time and immediately being overwhelmed. Not knowing the difference between the paying members or the free members. Not knowing how the token conversion into dollars worked. Not knowing what to do other than giggle nervously. And my makeup/lighting was horrible. I just felt very awkward and not sure if I wanted to commit to camming as a job. I think my confidence was really lacking and it showed!


Carmita Shares a Memorable Session


A member wanted to take me private and wanted me to make a really loud queef. That is fairly natural to me and I don’t mind doing it on cam so the show started and I spread my pussy lips, getting into prime queefing position to get all that air up inside. The member kept directing me to do different things (like fingering my pussy etc) that I knew wouldn’t result in a queef so I kept trying to do all his requests and try to keep getting air up my pussy. He got impatient when his methods weren’t working and left when I wasn’t queefing right away and within seconds that he left–I sat up and heard the loudest queef I ever heard in my life. Like a 11/10 for ultimate queefs. I was so pissed he missed out on that. What a waste. I let out the biggest frustrated sigh. If only he held on in the show a little while longer his queef dreams would’ve come true.


Carmita’s Pros and Cons of Webcam Modeling


carmita bonita rumpasaurus rexx interviewI love the freedom of it. I can take sick days when I want. I can dress how I want. I can work as much or as little as I please. That freedom I wouldn’t trade for anything. I love every session online being fresh and meeting new members to explore new fantasies and fetishes with. There’s ays room to grow and change in this industry and that is exciting. Before camming, I mainly worked in retail and food service–any job I get to have orgasms at will ays win over those. I love that I can wear sexy outfits and that every day is Halloween. You also get a lot of gifts that you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself. I have a gopro, fancy vitamix, new custom built laptop and more.


I won’t sugarcoat it but the main con for me has been camming is incredibly isolating. I don’t know any other camgirls within miles of me. Every person I’ve met here who has found out about my job always is initially shocked or weirded out. It can be tiresome to be just known as the camgirl friend who people want to dig at for titillating industry tales. If you live in an isolated area like myself, it can get depressing. I have to force myself to go outside and stay active in the world, not just live my whole life on the internet. When I worked a regular job, most of my friends were my coworkers so I got some face to face socialization time in. With camming, you have to go that extra mile to make friends. Also being self-motivated can be a problem. I can’t be fired from my job so it takes a lot to get my ass in gear to work if I feel lazy and would rather play video games.


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@rumpasaurusREXX @OCamgirl”]Your camming life is a persona, not you as a person completely.[/tweetthis]


Carmita Bonita’s Niche and Secret to Success


I’m a big booty mexican/portuguese girl and market myself as so. I mainly do shows revolving around ass shaking, ass worship and dildo riding. I think my success is partly due to the fact that big butts are very much in right now. Having natural charisma and a fun, enthusiastic personality has helped me.


Camming and Carmita’s Personal Relationships


I’m mostly out to the world. I met my partner through camming. He was a member on chaturbate and we had a 9 month long-distance relationship before he moved to Hawaii from the east coast to live with me. So thanks to chaturbate, I found love! Meeting someone through the industry worked way better for me rather than having to have “the talk” with men who had no idea how camming worked or would have issues with it. He really is my #1 fan and helps me film, set up props, come up with ideas and sometimes co-stars in clips.


My family for the most part knows about my job and supports me. No one can really be shocked or surprised at this point since everyone knew I was kinda always slutty anyway. As for friends, I met a lot of amazing fellow adult workers but a lot of my vanilla life friendships suffered. I had to cut a few people off for either asking me for money or misconceptions about the adult industry and being unsupportive to my choices.


How Being a Camgirl Has Changed Carmita


carmita bonita rumpasaurus rexx interviewIt’s helped my confidence so much. No matter how crappy I feel about myself, knowing someone is out there waiting for me to get online so they can jerk it to my ass makes me feel amazing. I feel safe financially knowing that if there is ever an emergency with my family or myself–that I have the means to take care of myself. That security is something I never had in my adult life up until now. I can give my cat son the best life possible since I can be with him at home.


Carmita Bonita’s Words of Wisdom for New Cam Models


Stand your ground. Don’t let money pressure you into doing something you don’t want to. Use the block button. Your sanity is always more important than money and someone will always fill the loss once you get rid of someone who is making your work difficult. Don’t take what trolls say to heart. Your camming life is a persona, not you as a person completely. Oh and don’t use jelly dongs!


[tweetthis twitter_handles=”@rumpasaurusREXX @OCamgirl”]Oh and don’t use jelly dongs![/tweetthis]


Thank you, Carmita!
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