June 4, 2023

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Can I Make Money Doing Chores in My Underwear?

Lauren writes:


Hi! I just started watching Desperate Housewives Season 7 and yes that is what brought me to your site 🙂 it just seems like an easy way to making money – doing housework in lingerie. Of course you would have to put on a show, not be shy, be willing to put in the work etc and I understand by your articles that this is not fast cash – all that said, is it possible to do this? I don’t feel comfortable getting naked in front of the camera but do men actually pay to watch women in lingerie doing housework? Thanks, Lauren


Dear Lauren,


I’ve never seen Desperate Housewives, but everyone gets the idea to cam from somewhere so welcome to the site! I am happy that you understand it’s not a quick buck, and for that reason you are already well on your way to cam successfully. The simple answer to your question is a resounding “Yes,” but it will take some work.

desperate housewives paid to do chores


I’ll actually simplify it for you; it is possible to make money doing anything on camera. Since you’ve already determined your comfort level, just eliminate anything involving getting naked. That leaves an assortment of things you might already be doing anyway, such as doing chores, working out, and even washing your hair. I began my start as a webcam model nearly six years ago by simply washing my long hair in the kitchen sink fully clothed. Recording your cam shows or creating clips to upload on clip sites can also be a great source of income.


Furthermore, television and movies both tend to glamorize or misrepresent things. In this case, they’ve taken the voyeurism fetish and put a glamour or boudoir-style costume on top. When I first began, I was also drawn to the appeal of lingerie and glamorous makeup. So to further simplify it, what I learned for this type of fetish was that most men prefer a normal situation with usual house clothes. A well-fitting top, tank top, or sports bra and yoga pants or tights is highly recommended over seemingly misplaced fancy underwear, especially if you are contemplating spending money on lingerie. You could also potentially ruin it while doing housework. This is not to discourage you from wearing what brought you to this site, so if you have it around already, rock it! Otherwise, hair and makeup should be tidy and natural. Ponytails and pigtails are popular, coupled with basic makeup highlighting your best feature. Somewhere in the middle of looking like you just rolled out of bed or about to hit up a club.


It will take a little bit of time to build a following, but with persistence and work there is nothing stopping you from making money on camera while wearing clothes. Guys really do pay for voyeurism shows and clips, so it’s just a matter of marketing yourself to the right crowd. Best of luck!