June 4, 2023

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Can I Hide My Face to Disguise My Identity?

Our Readers Asked:

Can I hide my face to disguise my identity on cam?


Arcana Answers:

You certainly can!


Even if it isn’t for privacy reasons or to avoid recognition, an Internet model can delight in wearing various costumes just for the fun of it or create sought after fantasy personas to ensnare a fetish demographic.


There are many ways to go about disguising and changing your appearance on cam, whether you just want to establish yourself as a performer persona with her own look, distract from your actual identity, or go full on cosplay and craft detailed character costumes from your favorite fictional worlds. There is a market for it all in cam land.


[tweetthis]Get creative and play dress up for a living – how many people can say they’ve done that?[/tweetthis]


Use the Power of Props When Creating Your Costume


can i hide my face on cam
Disguise and costuming is entirely obtainable through the magic of wigs and make up alone, but don’t forget to acknowledge other effective props such as:


  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Fake eyelashes
  • Dramatic cowls or hoods that obscure the face
  • Masks


These are all acceptable ways to obscure your identity on cam. If you don’t normally wear glasses, it’s amazing what a well-placed pair can do to change how you are perceived. Combined with a startling set of colored contact lenses, highlighted by a simple new eyebrow or eye shadow technique, a different lip color and a wig to top it off, glasses can have a transformative effect.


Amazon.com carries a slew of reasonably priced costuming accessories, wigs and props useful for cam girls and is a great place to start. In addition, there is an assortment of make up tutorial videos available on the Internet today, which are both inspiring and informational.


Show Off Your Business Side Come Tax Time


There are a number of resources to help you be creative and experiment with different looks. The best part is that everything you purchase and use to play dress up is tax deductible. They are essential to your business as an entertainer.


In order to be fully prepared for tax season, save all your receipts when purchasing:


  • Make up
  • Wigs
  • Outfits or shoes
  • Music and any other paid subscriptions necessary for your work
  • Sex toys and props
  • Additional tools of the trade


When It Comes To Your Image You’re In Control


can I hide my face on camI can personally say that many of the looks I wear on cam would not be as successful if worn in real life. That cheap brunette bob wig and horn rimmed glasses you rock on cam for your librarian character may look ultra cartoonish or fake in real life, unless it is apparent you are in some elaborate costume and not trying to blend in.
On cam, even in top notch HD quality, people see what you want to show them and you have control of the environment that they see you in. For better results consider:


  • Investing in decent studio lighting
  • Tinkering with your camera settings to assist in creating your environment and presence

TIP: Be sure to take lots of pictures along the way to document your transformation. You can potentially use these as promotional shots later!

Position Your Privacy Needs as a Marketing Strategy


If you are especially concerned about your true identity being revealed, you can take steps to make protecting your identity work in your favor by:


  • Making any free media available to the public, such as promotional pictures, feature you exclusively in costume
  • Highlighting features other than your face in your public material before picking and choosing who you reveal your “true self” to once you get to know your clients
  • Making a gimmick out of your disguise


can I hide my face on camEveryone wants to feel special enough to know “the model behind the mask” and by turning this into a gimmick, this can work in your favor. There are many creative ways you can present as a model. A slew of camgirls have become renowned for their creative (and deceptive) costumes.




Geo Blocking Lets You Decide Who Sees What and Where


Most third party camming sites have geographic blocking, which prevents access to your cam from entire towns, states, and even countries you don’t want to broadcast to. The downside is that this hinders your searchability on the site, which can lower your traffic.


Keep in mind that sometimes your live feed can still be viewed in your blocked area by somebody accessing a portal outside the site (oftentimes available through the link you are given to promote your model profile), where they are not logged in as a member, but viewing as a guest. As a result, their coordinates are unknown and cannot be disallowed access.


It is for this reason alone that I eventually chose not to block regions and opted for more visibility. I came to feel that if I am going to do this, even with the risk of my identity being revealed, that I might as well be making as much money as possible to make it worthwhile.


Maintaining a Disguise Can Be Difficult and Time Consuming


I initially came into camming with an air of extreme caution and privacy concerns, utilized geo blocking, and never logged in without some elaborate costume or disguise. Over time, I’ve found that I’m not as concerned about such things.


[tweetthis]It can be exhausting to maintain the charade consistently.[/tweetthis]


It can be exhausting to maintain the charade consistently. Some days, I am short on time to work and just want a quickie. I would rather log right in than spend time getting ready without the benefit of the usual promo I put out there prior to doing so.


Camming is Legal and Not Immoral Despite What Society Says


You are doing nothing wrong by being paid for a consensual service. Nevertheless, there is a chance that being outed as a sex worker of any kind can destroy certain areas of your life, from future employment to family connections, due to clouded perceptions of what cam models do.


[tweetthis]When it comes to your image you’re in control.[/tweetthis]


Remember that even with a solid disguised alternate persona, you still run the risk of being uncovered. So cam at your own risk and may the income and flexibility abundant in this line of work prove to be worth it. Not to mention the opportunity to get creative and play dress up for a living – how many people can say they’ve done that? 😉 Enjoy.