May 28, 2023

O Camgirl

The No-Nonsense Guide to Webcam Modeling

Cam Girl 2.0 Make Boss Money At Home While Keeping Your Panties On (Review)

This is a guide to being authentic on cam and connecting with your audience, applicable anywhere but written specifically for non-nude MyFreeCams models.


I read this all in one go, applied a few key pointers to my next session, and almost instantly saw my guests staying longer and tipping more often (not on MyFreeCams) – so I just had to share this resource with you guys!


It’s succinct and frankly it’s a goldmine of knowledge for new and experienced camgirls alike.


Just check out the Table of Contents:




Ch. 1: What exactly is Cam Girl 2.0?

A Dynamic and Self-Defined Role

Transparency and Vulnerability

Why Do People Tip?

The Nature of the Cam girl – Client Relationship

Ch. 2: Getting Started


Cam Site(s)

Before You Begin

Your First Day

Relationship Initiation

Final Notes on Starting Out

Ch. 3: The Fine Art of Camming

Making Money



Gentle Nudges

Beyond Gentle Nudges


What to Do



Da Zoo





Ch. 4: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Ch. 5: MFC as Marketing Platform

Ch. 6: Storytime!

Story #1: The Great Tip Battle of 2015


Further Resources

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The author delivers on every single point.


The author, Thomaseli, digs into his background in psychology and business and comes up with insights on the model – client relationship. For example, understanding why people tip at all goes a long way to understanding how to encourage that behaviour.


[blockquote author=”Thomaseli” style=”2″]Many of the highest recorded tips on MFC have been done anonymously (including the highest one and 2 out of the top 5: 447,600 tokens ($190k) and 400,000 tokens, respectively).[/blockquote]


If you’ve ever wondered what you should actually DO on cam, the section titled “What to Do” is invaluable. The author takes us from Jenga to drinking games. There are 22 pages of ideas that work to keep people engaged whether you’re taking your clothes off or not.


[blockquote author=”Thomaseli” style=”2″]Entertainment goes hand in hand with eliciting emotion. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be happiness. You want a reaction, of whatever kind. You want a feeling in the audience that they’ve seen/connected with something real. So do things that elicit emotion in you.[/blockquote]


It’s been a long time since a book has kept me up past my bedtime. I just kept finding valuable information and tips that really made me rethink how I cam.


I seriously gained from the author’s perspective even though I’m neither a non-nude model nor a MyFreeCams model. I honestly think every camgirl needs to read this book.


Til next time.